Sunday, October 01, 2006

Finally, Some ART!

I received a very nice package of scraps from "Studio in the Woods" a few weeks ago and used a good deal of it in this *Trash Formation*. They have been ironed but not sewn so strips get attached to the sleeve of my flannel robe and you can see evidence of that in the lower left corner.

This was created from my own scraps. I wanted to make a lighter, more feminine scrap piece but then wasn't satisfied with the monotone so had to de-create the piece and add some darker tones. Still in progress. These pieces are all twelve inches square.

This piece deviates from the "strip" method and I used bigger blocks of fabric. It's harder to get the mass of texture and color that the strips give a piece this small but this piece has a strength the others don't have. The top stitching and quilting should help unify everything. At least I hope it does.

Before my husband left for work this afternoon he cut these beautiful dahlias from the garden. The orange, red and touch of yellow and white are so autumnal and give my clean kitchen a nice "decorated" look. We must really have had "magic" dirt this year as everyone who gardens--including the Portland newspaper gardener--is complaining of a bad year. We had an abundance of everything. I even took a gallon bag of late cucumbers with me to my Dad's along with dill heads and made him Refrigerator Pickles. He was delighted.

I'm really trying to keep the kitchen as clean as I found it when I returned from my Dad's. G really cleaned everything. I've been making all his favorite dinners as a way of saying "thank you".

On today's list: Banana Bread from the dead bananas in the fridge. Apple Chutney. (both items left over from the week before I went away). Perhaps some Mexican Rice for burritos tonight (I like them, G does not, but he has homemade Chicken Noodle Soup). I'd like to start sewing those three trashy squares. I have tons of TiVo to watch-- stuff it recorded while I was away.

I managed to get the Sculpty sunflower seeds glued to the Spooky House yesterday. It's going to Hawthorn School Library for the month of October. I should go take a picture of it for you.

I saw an ad in the local paper asking for people to come work 10 hours a week: cutting, frosting and decorating Divine Brownies. Do you think they pay you to do that or do you pay them?


Deborah Boschert said...

I just adore your trash pieces. Great job. Ah... Divine Brownies... I'd be thrilled just to work at Fort Andross and sneak up to Mildred Johnson's studio. (Have you been there?) Oh and nibble the brownies! That too!

kathy said...

I like! Can't believe I missed these earlier....but now I can tell you I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of your tutorial for the haunted!