Friday, October 27, 2006

Here's Looking At YOU!

I'm cute right? Anyway, today I got off work at 1:30 ish and got home and made some lunch--well, I did eat the brownie first and the sandwich second --but it was lunch. And I stared into the fridge looking for something to jump start into dinner. I do so love the look of surprise on my dear husband's face when there is actually some food being prepared for dinner, in this house, not a restaurant. I found some flour tortillas and some cheese and I delved into the depths of the freezer and scored some ground beef. Looks like we'll be having some Burritos tonight.

I also did laundry, read blogs and finally ironed about 20 pillowcases and a bunch of red shirts. Target makes everyone wear red shirts and khaki pants to work. Red used to one of my favorite colors. Now I'm beginning to resent it.

I'm having those pesky feelings of guilt again. My husband has always been the sole provider of cash for this household. I'm sort of along for the ride, so to speak. I do work, but what I make doesn't amount to much. And I do spend it having my hair and nails done. I am SO shallow. What I have left over I spend on fabric, beads paint and other stuff for "my art". This looks so terrible when seen in black and white on the screen!

Every few years-- even worse, this doesn't ALWAYS bother me--- I get to feeling that my poor husband is being taken advantage of. True, he is the only one around here who has skills people will pay for, but still. See, that's what I think about if left too long with nothing to occupy my mind.

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Rayna said...

Guilt?? There's nothing like having your OWN money! That way, you can fritter it away, spend it on maniures and pedicures and STUFF and nobody can say to you, "you paid HOW MUCH for THAT??". The red shirts and khaki pants sound worth the price of freedom to me. have fun with the spoils of the retail wars!