Sunday, October 15, 2006

Tutorial Part Three of Three

I'm using the pictures in the exact way Blogger decided to load them. It's been one full hour since I decided to post. Anyway, this is the back of the house, no windows, so I usually do a "decorative" treatment. I used the adhesive backed candy foamies. Eleven of the big ones in the package. Eleven. Interesting.

Finished Little Spooky House. I cut the yellow vellum to fit the windows plus 1/2 inch and glued it to the back, inside of each window. You can also see the roof shingles all finished. And I used my garden snippers to cut the branches into window trim for each window. I glued the skeleton to the side of the doorway. I was going to put him inside the doorway but the door was too short.

This is how the house looks with the sunlight filling the house. You get the same effect by adding a little 10 watt nightlight to the inside of the box. My box has a bottom. It was a liquor box and has those inside bottle sections. I didn't want to do all the cutting to remove the bottom so I would have to cut a hole to insert the nightlight. If you removed the bottom flaps from your box--then just set the house over the nightlight. Easy Peasy. The number 11 big corn candy is next to the door and the smaller corn candy on each edge. There are four small candies on each side- two next to each other on the left and two next to each other on the right. Ten.
The peaked roof line. I used a scrap of Foamie and free cut a little bat. He has orange eyes. If I can find a small plastic spider or two (or three) I will add them to that branch sticking up off the roof. If I had some black gimp braid around the house, (my house not this house), I would hot glue it around the top roofline edge for a finished "look". I may add some of my Sculpty sunflower seed beads to the house--but they may overpower the simple design.

I'm very glad I went to the time and trouble (!!!!!!) to make this tutorial. I love my new little house. I think I'll take it to work with me tomorrow. Now to the workroom. I am making a Halloween Quilt and it sucks in a major way so far. So I'm going to take my Quilting Arts magazine article by Pamela Allen in there with me and make a background like she does. Yes, I am. I may even copy her tutorial--exactly--so I get a feel for the way it's done. Mine will look different because it's me. I just gotta be me. All polka dots.


Deborah Boschert said...

I love the branches outlining the windows! Your tutorial was perfectamundo. I can imagine doing this for Christmas -- way easier than gingerbread and slightly less likely to get eaten by the dog.

PaMdora said...

Hey, I love your halloween house, dully creepy, and I think it's okay that the skeleton is big. He's like a monster skeleton and he has to bend over to get in the door!