Sunday, October 15, 2006

Tutorial Part Two

If I didn't have to work or watch television, this would be getting done faster. Anyway, while I was gone, the cardboard box got sprayed with flat black (Joann's $3.49). I didn't shake the can for the full 3 minutes. The Paint Police will write up a citation. I also placed a ruler--12 inches tall--so you would know just how small this house is. All the windows are now cut with two on each side also. One over the other.

I went to lunch with a friend on Friday (the only day I didn't have to work or watch television) and suggested we go to a restaurant near Joann's so I could get supplies. I found a little rubber skeleton, some foam corn candy, a sheet of yellow vellum in the scrapbook section ( windows), and the last four 9 by 12 sheets of Foamie in black for the roof shingles. The branches are from my front yard. Or as we say in Maine-- yahd. The dooryahd to be specific.

Here I am this very morning in my red flannel robe cutting the sheet of 9 by 12 Foamie into strips that measure 3 by 12. Then I cut the strips into 1 by 3 inch shingles. I used the ruler for the big cuts and sort of "free-cut" the inch wide pieces. Some were fat. Some skinny.

Here I am at the breakfast table trimming one edge of each strip to make it rounded. Now when I made the REALLY BIG Spooky House I did this cutting and trimming for what seemed like weeks. Wasn't really. For this tiny house I was done in like 10 minutes. I cut up two sheets of Foamie (2mm-59 cents each).

Because the roof edges were "open" and didn't meet ( see first photo in this post), I cut a larger rectangle of Foamie (measure your own little roof edge to find out how much you need) I then cut a scallop into the bottom edge to look like shingles. I hot glued this piece to both sides of the roof edge and did all four corners. Then I made two rows of hot glue between two corners and placed roof shingles along the edge, even with the corners. My roof wasn't very deep so two lines of shingles was enough. I lined the second row up with the top edge of the roof line.

Now I'm going to try and load the final 5 pictures. Blogger is taking longer to load than it took to make the house. Bad Blogger.

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PaMdora said...

How'd you take that photo of yourself in the red robe?? Must be that third arm, I wish I could get one of those so I could take more photos of myself in the studio! :)