Thursday, December 31, 2015

Wishing You A Colorful New Year

Some think life is like a box of chocolates.  Me?  Like a great big box of colorful crayons, colored pencils, colored pens, or pastels.  Give me color.  And I'll be happy.

The sun is out today in Maine.  Some of the snow has melted.  G and Riley had a good walk--the full 2 miles. The path they travel is lumpy, bumpy and slippery at times.  Easy enough for the dog--a bit more trying for the 69 year old dog owner.  We've wondered about letting the dog go out on the walk by himself.  Not seriously.  But possible, with a drone flying over his head???

My list of 50 items of cleaning or tidy-ing has jumped from 5 to 7.  Not going well.

I am presently washing the dog's two orange vests and two of his bed blankets.  I also sprayed his beds with Febreze.  Keeping things "fresh".

My Christmas tree started drinking water a day or two after Christmas and is now drinking water on a regular basis.  I know I say this almost every year--but I REALLY love this year's tree.  It looks amazing.  And I realized I need to make about 10 more of the cute Santa ornaments from last winter. I still have the patterns and lots of red felt.  Good time to do it as next November /December I won't find the time.  Now would also be a good time to make the 2016 cards. (no)

Time to decide what we'll be eating today.  Some years we've gone out for dinner--usually at 5pm so as not to be crowded by party goers, but I don't know if we'll do that this year.  I made a pan of triple chocolate brownies yesterday (and didn't use a box mix for the first time in my life) and they are certainly chocolate.  Lots of caffeine. The recipe said to bake them until they were almost done.  No time given.  I missed the almost done.  So they are done and not as moist as they should be.

Watched the USA all day marathon of Mr Robot yesterday.  Still good and still very confusing.  We are also watching River on Netflix.  Only two episodes left of River.  A detective who talks to dead people.  We watched the Marvel Comics series Jessica James and might try the Marvel series Daredevil.  Supposed to be "dark" and set in Hell's Kitchen.  Season one is supposed to be good. Season two, not so good.  G thought another show was doing a marathon but he couldn't find it when he looked up the USA news.

So, almost 2016.  The year G and I turn 70.  I think we should start thinking about living life just for the fun of it.  Not take things too seriously.  I've already started with my choice of bright red eye glass frames. A co-worker asked if I bought them especially for Christmas.  I looked at her to see if she was serious.  She was.  So I said "I've been wearing these every day since September".  "oh" was all she had to say.  I need to be a bit more obvious I guess.  In 2016.

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