Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Minus One

Too much to do and by the time I get home from work--well, it's just not enough time.  Getting up at 6 am in the dark and getting home at 4, in the dark.  I know.  I know.  It's what all working people face during the holidays.  Feeling all stressed out like the little branch tied to the package up top of this post.  It's supposed to look stylish but just makes me think of the ties on a straightjacket.

The cookies are all baked.  The majority are on a UPS truck in sunny California, and hopefully, will be sitting in the lobby of my son's building when he gets home from work today.

My Secret Santa liked her gift.  I liked the one I got.  Everything seems to be going well at work. Tomorrow is my last day (of work) and I have a Terrarium and a Bonsai gift to be picked up by customers who wanted their gifts on Christmas Eve and not one moment earlier. Both are very lovely.  If I do say so myself, since I created them.

So far, this Christmas season I have gotten three very nice tips.  The tree yard boys get tips usually for carrying trees and tie-ing them to the tops of cars etc.  Not so usual to tip the gal re-potting your plants or creating dish gardens, terrariums or bonsai.  I do a lot of bonsai.  I planned ahead this year and stocked up on "great" rocks to include in the bonsai dish with the little tree. I also try and add moss and a little path.  I told a co-worker (and new friend) that I would love to make real outdoor Bonsai--as a job.  So, call me if anyone out there needs a Bonsai maker.  Okay???

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