Friday, December 25, 2015


We had a full moon and some misty rain.  But the weather guys promise snow storms next week.  And that's okay as I don't have to drive anywhere.  Work is finished for the year (and then some) until February.  Hugs all around at work.  We are so very much a family.

Our son got his package.  Is eating the cookies.  Perhaps setting the puzzle pieces out on his coffee table.   Cursing us for the shredded newspaper (the packing material) which is all over his carpet.

I had planned to do all my Christmas shopping at the drugstore that sells "as seen on TV" products but forgot (?????).  Lucky for us, my daughter had the same idea and she DID shop there.  Can't wait to see what she bought me---- we haven't opened presents yet.

The Christmas Eve pierogi making went well for me (and for my son) this year.  I used Bob's All Purpose Flour and wow, there must be some magic in that bag.  No noodle dough problems.  Easy and almost fun.  Made 2 dozen of each.  Potato, Sauerkraut and Cheese.  G and I ate ours just after I finished cooking the last batch.  Way good.  Best ever. Can't wait to fry them up for supper tomorrow.

Today we have Christmas Burritos.  I made rice for myself.  I have red onions from my garden, avocados, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese for the burritos.  G and S will have meat. Then we'll have a Pumpkin Cream Pie with Brown Sugar Whipped Cream.

So much "run up" to the day and then here it is-----then gone.

Wishing you a happy day with those you love.  And if those you love are far away......time to remember why you love them.   Peace and Love to you all.

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Paula, the quilter said...

Our house is back to "normal" kind of. The tree is still up, but will soon come down. We want to build fires in the wood burning stove but can't because the tree is too close. It is cold and snowy here: good weather for a fire. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.