Tuesday, December 29, 2015

And It Finally Snowed

But not as much as this older photo shows.  Only a few inches.  And G had some apprehension regarding using the snowblower as he was using it when he had his heart attack in March.  The last time we had snow.


It was good that we only had a little snow.  Not good that it was cold and windy. G had hand warmers for his cold fingers and later put the hand warmers into his slippers to warm his toes.

Riley didn't get to take his daily walk--as the snow clearing took most of the daylight hours.  I managed to pay the bills, do a bit of cleaning, read a third of one of my library books, read a few blogs, tape our Christmas cards to the doorway frame (so old fashioned and festive) and fix us some dinner at 4 pm (when it is getting dark).  We are eating early like we do when I don't go to work.  G has dessert around 8 or 9 pm.  I have coffee or tea.

I am sleeping until 8am which is nice.  Much better than waking at 6am.  But finding it difficult to find something to do after eating breakfast and reading the morning newspaper.  That's when I usually pack my bag and go to work.

If G is awake I can start making noise and doing housework.  But he is usually still sleeping so I have to be quiet.  I sorted the onions, shallots and garlic I had stored on the sunporch.  It's getting too cold out there now so I needed to pack them into something that would protect them from freezing. I don't want to fall into a pattern of watering the houseplants and end up drowning them.  I think I will gather supplies and try and do some drawing or painting in the morning.  That's quiet work and I think it will be very nice to make art every day.

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MariMo said...

Your lovely Christmas card arrived - thank you so much!