Monday, December 28, 2015

Snow Is Forecast For Tuesday

G has filled all the feeders out by the garden.  We have lots of finches.  Riley hunted a flock of 6 wild turkeys about 2 weeks ago.  Big ones.  Not too many crows these days but I love to watch them.  We still have berries on the crab apples, the bittersweet and since the soil is still warm--lots of worms. Good eats for the birds.

The squirrels are very active which keeps Riley in good form.

The warm sun has disappeared.  The grass was frozen this morning and the rhodie leaves were thin.  Conservation of resources. We still have a few clay pots to empty and bring in from the herb garden. I had basil in them.  Did better in pots than in the garden soil itself. All the basil got that fungus on the leaves.

I have started a clipboard with blank pages for a 50 item cleanup list.  So far, I have five items.   I am working on the dining room table (yet, again) with a pile of my art supplies and work tools and managed to clean out the dishtowel drawer and wash and bleach the dishtowels, my undies and sleeping tee shirts.  Not dirty but certainly dingy.  Now all are sparkling white.  I potted up my paperwhites.  But first had to find the stones. And then find the bulbs.  I tried to make a case for that being THREE items but common sense prevailed and it was only the one.

The Amaryllis bulbs I had planted in the garlic and onion bed outside (and which grew considerably in bulb width) are still not doing much in the way of sending up flowering stems.  I can see the faintest, tiny-ist, growth so all is not lost.  Next year I have to pull them out of the garden earlier--like August.  Still time to have flowers for Valentine's Day.  Perhaps, Easter.

Today G and I are going grocery shopping to buy supplies for a big pot of chicken soup.  Ever since his heart surgery, G has been very temperature sensitive and is always cold.  The medication that keeps his blood pressure abnormally low is the cause.  The hot soup seems to help warm him up.

I discovered an injury from the fall I had at work.  One of the fingers on my left hand is very bruised and dark blue (doesn't hurt).   I began massaging the bruised area to move blood around and through it.  Seems less blue black this morning.  

That's about all that is happening here.  G and I watched episodes 2-4 of River on Netflix last night. We could have gone on and watched more (into the night) but wanted to save something for this evening as television in the holiday weeks is pretty thin.  Now we have to find something to watch when river is complete.  Any Netflix suggestions?  We could always start in on House of Cards.


Susan Sawatzky said...

I bought a Roku stick for my tv and subscribed to ACORN which has only British shows. there is so much and always something to watch!

Life Scraps and Patches said...

I loved Grace and Frankie. Or, maybe it's Frankie and Grace. Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda.