Friday, August 21, 2015

When Things Seem To Be Going Wrong

G has gone back to his hometown for his 50th high school reunion.  Things aren't going well.  He had things planned but they aren't working out.  Today--he's going to the Rock "N Roll Hall of Fame to buy a tee shirt for his collection.  He has most of today and all of tomorrow to fill.  There are a few other museums he can visit and a movie theater close to his hotel--so a movie?

He's hoping to connect with someone at the opener "ice breaker" tonight.  Perhaps some other "out of towners"  to do something with--at least lunch.  He has no family to visit.

I paid bills, washed clothes, walked the dog etc and now, instead of canning more zucchini pickles and getting all hot and sweaty, I'm going to sit in the air conditioned comfort of my couch and read a book.

Choosing happiness.

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