Monday, August 10, 2015

How Can I Make Summer Last?

Here in Maine, the nights are cooler already.  Today is sunny and breezy.  Perfect weather.  I just got home after 2 hours of walking and chatting with my friend from the library.  We found a brook and a bridge on an (unknown to us) Town path.  It was lovely to hear the water bubbling under the bridge.

I should be in the garden watering.  We haven't had any rain for quite a few days now and things seem rather dry.  I have onions I can pull out of the garden but nothing else is ready.  No squashes.  No tomatoes.  No peppers.  I must wait.  The walk has tired me out.  My fingers feel stiff and arthritic. I feel older.

I wish I owned the hanging light fixtures in this picture.  I wish I had the blackboard in my kitchen listing things in the fridge and freezer.  Mentioning errands needing doing.  Listing phone numbers for friends and family.  I wish I had more time at home.

I think I am ready to stop working (outside my home). LOL

It just happened.  I wasn't even considering it.  And then there it was, like I had decided I was ready while I wasn't even conscious of thinking about it.

I think moving all my art supplies, fabric, felt and thread upstairs--actually handling my supplies--awakened old dreams.  Old plans to paint every day.  Old plans to finish things I began so long ago.
Sorting my paint brushes, pans of watercolors, colored pencils.  Set aside.  Forgotten.  Even my jars of beads whispered to me.  When will you have time for us again??

I can't make summer last any longer that it has ever lasted.  I can't live longer than my expiration date. But I can choose to spent my time doing things that are creative and pleasurable.

Stay tuned.

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Gretchen said...

Go for it! Indulge those creative aspirations that are making themselves felt. I bet you'll enjoy it. And, if you still want to be involved with 'growing things' and the nursery, why not suggest that you could continue to teach classes and perhaps create some showcase pieces. If I remember right, you enjoyed (for the most part) those aspects of the job.