Friday, August 14, 2015

Between 70 and 80

I will get to the point of the title of this post eventually.  But I seriously LOVE this porch screen door.  

When my son was visiting he was trying to modify the "issues" my husband I have, regarding the sharing of the computer that I like to "call" my own (because I bought it).  I don't like opening the screen up and finding my husbands stuff.  And not mine.  The biggest issue was my husband saving pictures to the cloud.  So, in the calm and placating moments son and I discussed my issues--he remarked "you have way too many pictures in this file".  (711)

My reply?  "I had more--I just deleted half" (or I just think I deleted half)

He was speechless.

Gotta collect pictures of stuff like speechless children.

Now, to the title.  I have many amazingly open conversations with customers at work.  Not all the time. But often enough that it makes going to work--worthwhile.  One day this week an elderly woman and I were discussing age.

I feel very good for my age (one month shy of 69) but my customer assured me that the problems arrive between 70 and 80.  Things change and not for good she assured me.  And then patted my shoulder and suggested I enjoy my health while I still had it (one year and one month).  I felt like I had just had a psychic reading.

So now I am worried.  Now.  I wasn't before.  I was just going along, happy as a clam (no one  knows why a clam is happy) and now I am left wondering.  I want to ask people who "appear" to be between 70 and 80 if things are indeed trending downward.

Today I weighed the pros and cons of stopping in a parking lot on the way home and picking ripe crabapples (golf ball sized ones) from a tree that was dropping apples all over the asphalt.  Was I trespassing or foraging?  Anyway.  I now have a large bag of crabapples (barely dented the number on the tree and passersby didn't call the police or they did and the police haven't found me yet) and I am planning to try making crabapple jelly.  If done correctly it is a clear pale pink.

I intend to make every effort to "do it correctly".  Pale pink is one of my favorite things.

I am also thinking of using the carrot top greens to make meatless free meatballs (Food 52) and zucchini to make a green curry zucchini soup (101 Cookbooks).  Today, on the way to work, I purchased soft white bread and mayo and made cucumber sandwiches for lunch.  With my own home grown cucumbers.  Only way to roll.  The sandwiches were outstanding.  My first time eating a cucumber sandwich.  Why did I wait so long????

Watched Disney/Pixar's Ratatouille last night.  The movie.  Loved it.  As usual.  So now I need to also make ratatouille.

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Deborah Boschert said...

I was just reading an article written by someone who was 95. He wrote quite frankly and with insight about what it's like to be that old. It made me think that we don't really share the difficult details about living life as it relates to the various things we face at specific ages. I think those conversations happen only briefly and in passing... Like in the green house.