Sunday, August 09, 2015


I entered this in the 10 X 10 last September and it didn't get purchased.  I still wonder what was wrong with it.  Too pale?  Not enough on the right side?  A mistake having the tall stem going off the left side?

My astrology guide for this month suggests August 11th will be amazing.  I will be crowned celestial favorite.  So far, in this astrology guide--I have not been gifted with any of the dazzling wonders suggested for my sign. Perhaps someone will bake me a pie?

My past retail employer is filling the papers with ads for employment but I have received no "invitation" to reapply.

My list of rejections grows.

I have received news that I should whittle my closet down to 10 items of clothing.
That I should be filling quart canning jars with salads to take to work.
That I don't meet the criteria to be gluten free.


dianen said...

I can't imagine why someone didn't purchase it. I think it's lovely.

Unknown said...

I like it! I think it's very cheerful, brings a smile to your face. Their loss if no one buys this.