Monday, August 03, 2015

Summer Squash Days

I have been picking summer squash every three or four days.  I have 8 pint jars of zucchini bread & butter pickles in the storage closet.  And enough yellow squash for a pot of fried (southern) squash to eat with rice.  It would be best with a big, ripe juicy tomato but there aren't any in my garden.

Today is the last day of my son's visit.  It was so VERY nice.  We cooked together--a cherry pie and two days worth of chicken potstickers.  Yesterday we did the Sunday paper Suduko together.  I wasn't at my best--I'll blame fuzzy thinking on my allergy tablet.  I will miss him when he drives away at noon.  I'll even cry a little bit.  He's easy to love.

Then I will be making the vegetable rice salad from Silver Palate cookbook for my lunches this week at work and pumpkin whoopee pies for my greenhouse co-worker who celebrated her birthday yesterday.  C will miss the excitement of making confectioner's sugar in the Vitamix.   I have regular sugar but no powdered for the filling.

G and Riley are having their walk.  Only an hour left.  Better spend it talking.

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

Hope you weren't too sad when your son drove away. It's so hard.