Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Heat Wave

We can't really complain.  Here in Maine.  Nothing's on fire.  Last August was very chilly.
But, still.  It's hot.  Humid.  And I was at work in a glass greenhouse.  UGH!!

Yesterday---when it was also hot--- I walked, gardened, sliced the heap of new zucchini (rather than waste them--I'll just make more pickles and give them to everyone for Christmas), fried the yellow squash with onions until it was all lightly brown and delicious--- which can take over 2 hours. In other words--I spent way too many hours in the kitchen near a hot stove.  And then, an equally long time washing all the dishes.

I also made crab apple juice and strained the pulp in a jelly bag.  I have 4 cups of beautifully pink juice that is also quite tasteless.  I put the jar of juice in the fridge.  Waiting for inspiration.  Will the addition of sugar make it taste like something???  Has anyone tried making crab apple jelly?

I also picked more blueberries.  I'll have 6 quarts (packed full) of blueberries when this last bit has frozen.  Last August (when the fridge didn't work) I had packed up 11 fat quarts in the loaner fridge out on the porch.  Then, when the fridge worked again-----whoa--where to put the frozen berries when Loew's came for the loaner??? So, I made jars and jars of blueberry jam--which is seriously delicious.  I actually would like to use some blueberries to make pancakes. I love blueberry pancakes.

G has graciously done the watering in the garden.  He also cut the grass late in the afternoon.  I carried three full tubs of garden/vegetable "stuff" from the kitchen to the compost pile along with the bag of shreds from the shredder (junk mail).  Wet and dry.

The dog is stretched out on the carpet.  I am tempted to take a long cool shower but I promised to haul hose and water the front garden beds.  Sigh.  Then the shower.

Stay cool.  (oh, and I finally got brave and reworked my reader list--- gold star for me!)

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Susan Sawatzky said...

Joanne, I thought perhaps you might like this blog I found. It reminds me of yours.


Susan Sawatzky
Port Townsend, WA