Saturday, August 08, 2015

August 8th- The Re-entry

To life.  I was kinda in a holding pattern as we got ready for my son's visit, had the visit and then were sad that the visit was over.

Now, it's the hubbub of garden life.  The watering, the picking, the weeding.  Then the slicing, salting and pickling of the zucchini (7 jars this morning).   The slicing, the cooking and the eating of the fried yellow summer squash (a huge kettle full sliced after the pickles came out of the canner).  The watering, worrying and waiting for the first tomatoes.

I've gathered up the shallots and garlic and have them "curing" in the heat of the garage.  In that empty space I have planted 8 French eggplants.  Supposed to be lavender with white stripes. I saved three squash plants (acorn, butternut and buttercup) from the dumpster at work and planted them where the pea stalks (and weeds) were.  We'll see if they are grateful enough to produce a few squash each.  I love roasted butternut.  In fact, as soon as the roasting tray is out of the oven I start eating the little cubes--and then they are all gone.  Next summer I want to plant pattypan.  The yellow "flying saucers" that I saw on a vegetarian cooking program.

I am a vegetarian all summer long--- except when I crave a hamburger. (smile)

We watched the 2 hour finale of Poldark and I was left feeling sad and cheated.  Who knows when PBS will air the next 8 episodes????  It's unfair to make us wait a year or more to find out what happens.   I am also watching Last Tango in Halifax and found the tire changing scene and the chat in the bathroom with the bride to be very well written and acted.  Regarding not being sure if she wanted to get married--the bride was assured that there was always the possibility of a divorce.

I also am watching Mr. Robot.  But I am not quite sure what is going on (though I am really trying to follow the dialog).  I do know that most of the characters are seriously "mental" as my friend P always says when describing her family.  I am missing the usual summer shows--Longmire, Covert Affairs, Perception.  Have they all been cancelled?

The squash has cooked down by half, so I added butter.  I have to decide whether to pick and pickle the yellow Hungarian hot peppers today or wait for more peppers to turn a bit orange. G purchased a huge jug of vinegar for me and another 10 pounds of sugar.  Preserving uses up a lot of sugar.

I could also go out and pick blueberries.  Not as many as last summer but enough.  I have imagined baking a blueberry cake (and taking it to work).  Blueberry pancakes.  I already have two quarts in the freezer. G also purchased a 10 pound bag of flour for me.  In case I felt like making more whoopee pies.  Very popular.

Looks like I may be lucky enough to have fennel seed this year--if I can collect it before the birds eat it all.   I am hoping for pickling cukes--enough for a large jar of pickles--as I have an abundance of dill this year.

Well, I have bored you enough with my garden.  I will now take off my apron and go out and pick berries.  Water.  Weed.  Then shower and read after I fold laundry.

I have three days in a row off.  Love it.

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dianen said...

Your garden is never boring nor are you. I was happy to read that you had such a wonderful visit with your son.

I wish my garden was half as good as yours. Too much bad weather here. Although the tornado missed us by five miles, we had a little over 6 inches of rain that one night in June that flooded the garden. Subsequent storms knocked off blossoms and whatever was beginning to form.

Enjoy your bounty and keep writing about it. I'm living vicariously through you this summer.