Saturday, March 07, 2009

Winter Blooms

I have been lucky this winter. I have managed to have something blooming for all these cold, dark winter months. First amaryllis, then christmas cactus, then the lovely clivia with yellow flowers touched with pale orange. I now have a gorgeous orchid in bloom for the next several weeks (multiple stems) and another clivia (this time in a deep orange) still in bud. Not so spectacular, a geranium, has been in bloom since summer, even though I have pruned it back, hard, several times. Just keeps making flowers.

It is just about time for me to set up the bay window for seed starting. I need to get my peppers going as they are very slow to start. I plan to try Fava beans this spring along with kale, beets and little turnips. I already have garlic planted. The peppers will spend the spring months in the house along with the tomatoes I start from seeds. It will be a long time before it's warm enough outside for anything "tender". My friend Patty and I may plant onions and potatoes in her larger garden to share. I will try leeks again this year and plant them in deep furrows this time. Shallots also.

I was going to photograph the little blocks I worked on while at K's. I need to do that while the sun is shining and the dog is sleeping. I made over 40 five inch squares with a 4 inch circle of another fabric appliqued in the center. Sort of the center. I decided not to measure but to "eye" the center and just let them be a bit off. So after I stop blogging, I will run down to the workroom and get pins and tack blocks to the display board and snap a few pictures. I wanted a French feel and you'll let me know if it works?

I saw a quilt made this way in a show in Damariscotta a few years ago. In fact, there were two pieces in the show that got me interested in quilting again. And I hadn't been interested for quite awhile. The second was a strange but wonderful piece titled Red Lanterns and I think it was made by Schultz. From New York or New Jersey. The most outrageous patterned commercial fabrics sewn together into this wonderful, vibrant piece. Made me want to go shopping for big prints. Huge prints. I drew it into my journal but hadn't brought a camera to the show. So I only have my "selective" memory of both pieces.

I did get into one quilt shop while on vacation to buy another "French" green for the quilt. And two little fat quarters for my Gingerbread quilt which I will make "someday". I am looking for a few commercial pieces that look like candy. The one I bought looks like a fat red and white stripe candy cane. It will be nice as window shutters on the candy houses. The other is a petite pink and cream stripe with tiny hearts. It looks delicious.

Riley and I finally got going and walked yesterday in the drizzle. We met a baby dog who is just 10 weeks old. So adorable. Riley walked up ahead and the baby dog followed. They have named her Spice but I thought the owner said Spike. I have to remind myself of the correct name by saying Sugar and Spice.

The sun is shining today. It makes such a difference.

I won't be returning to work until after the 15 th so I have another week to entertain myself. I have two books to read, the little blocks to sew and I am having a bit of fun trying to feed us with what is in the fridge and pantry -- no shopping. Last night I threw together grilled cheese sandwiches using stale hamburger buns cut side down and served the little round sandwiches with canned baked beans I doctored up with ketchup, mustard and brown sugar. We opened a jar of the zucchini pickles I canned this summer.

As long as I have garlic and onions, we should be okay. Today I'll be making pork roast and potato dumplings with sauerkraut. Comfort food from my grandmother's kitchen. I hope I have some sauerkraut in the pantry!!!!

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