Friday, March 13, 2009

Still Blooming

A good couple of days. Lunch with the Frayed Duo was perfection. Good Food. Book Sale Chat. Craft How To. And the weather that day was frightful. Snow. Sleet. Rain. All in one morning before 11 am.

I learned how to make a rag rug with a toothbrush tool (needle/pusher/thing). Well, I saw one being made and watched the tutorial and now just have to try it.

Finally made a short forage in the grocery store. G needed breakfast supplies. Orange juice, bagels, yogurt. So, while there, I also purchased supplies for the St Patrick's Day corned beef and cabbage boiled dinner. All on sale. Today I return for pizza supplies cause it's Friday and Friday is pizza day.

I have packed up two bags for Goodwill. And yesterday (at Goodwill) purchased three green shirts for me to wear to work and three for G to wear to work. I used my $25 unemployment stimulus check. I return to work on the 17th. Nineteen hours the first week, so I will report that income on next week's unemployment report and see what happens.

Today, I need to get dressed, walk the dog, go to the grocery store and get some sleep. I must have gotten coffee with caffeine yesterday at lunch because I was awake ALL NIGHT. I am SO tired. And because I was awake, in the dark, I ran through all the things that worry me, make me crazy, such as why was the furnace going on every 5 minutes. And, by the way, the furnace is still going on way too often for my comfort (and nerves) and it isn't cold or warm in here. So why? I may have a nervous breakdown by noon. Would a banana calm me down?

I have to organize doggie daycare for the dog when I go to work. And drop him off and pick him up. Now that G is back to managing a restaurant, he can't just leave when his shift is over. He has to stay and finish things. And doggie day care ends at 6 pm on the DOT. And your dog better be on his way home by then. More and more of the daily dog care is now my responsibility, and really, I don't care for it. I don't get any of the doggie adoration. G walks in the room and you'd think the dog won Megabucks. I walk in and he may lift his head off the dog bed and he may not. Saving all the love for G.

But I'm going back to work in the greenhouse and the fushias and geraniums are waiting for me already and more coming in each day. Such a riot of color, earthy smells and LIGHT streaming through the glass ceiling. I won't even mind the wet socks.

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