Thursday, March 19, 2009

Belated Holiday Cuteness

Riley is celebrating St Paddy with the big green spider. Well, he celebrates everyday with the big green spider. And the bunny. And Hippy the Hippo. And the squirrel. And the squeaky Fire Hose. That dog loves his toys.

Well, I made it through two days at work (thank goodness there was a day in between) and I am feeling my age. Today, after my shower, I climbed into my jammies and called it a day. Not that I did alot. I just am not used to doing anything for hours at a time.

And lunch was my favorite time. I made salads. Lettuce, green peppers, carrots, Chinese crispy noodles, wheat berries, olives and I made my own dressing. A squirt of Ranch, some mayo and a squirt of honey. Sort of like the dressing Applebees puts on their Oriental Chicken Salad. I have forgotten the almonds each day so far. Tomorrow I'm going to use corn syrup instead of honey and see what I think.

I get to drop off and pick up the dog. It's been easy and Riley is being very decent about it all. But I am driving the Jeep. Can't pick up the dog in the truck. I don't think the dog actually enjoys riding in any vehicle. He stares down at his paws the entire time. No looking out the windows. No joy riding. Stoic. And in the truck, in the front seat, he is absolutely desperate to have the ride end. Pressing his head into the seat, misery etched in his handsome face. Even worse is riding in the BMW roadster. Yikes! He seemed to like Sam's Fit but still won't look out the windows until the car comes to a complete stop and the engine is off. No drooling or lip licking so I don't think he gets sick. And it took MONTHS to get him to jump up into the Jeep. We had to lift him. Too old for that, I can tell you.

So here I am in my jammies, tired, ready for some dinner (oh, am I supposed to cook?), no Survivor to watch, plenty of TiVo, and a late start tomorrow (11 am) so I can sleep late or stay up late tonight (ha ha). That's all I got. Not an interesting thought in my whole head right now.

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