Monday, March 16, 2009

Miles of Walking

Today I switched from the heavy leather, waterproof, boots I have worn everyday to walk the dog, to sneakers. It may be premature of me. The weather people are saying we'll have snow later in the week. I think we have had enough snow, thank you very much. But the sneakers are lighter and springier (because they are new). I have gone through three pairs of sneakers since I began this new healthy lifestyle. Still a work in progress.

The people from the Maine Unemployment Service are a bit disgruntled because I have not been "looking for work" and filling out my work search diary. Because, I keep telling them, I HAVE a job. There just is no WORK in the winter. And, just like I keep telling them, I will return to work in March when there is WORK. Tomorrow. Because I HAVE a job!!!!

Do you think government work is meant to be so mean spirited? How on earth do the welfare cheats manage to suck off the government teat for 20 years, with little effort, and a tax paying, hard worker gets abuse for collecting unemployment for 10 weeks and then returning to work? I can imagine the abuse the newly jobless are taking, filling out endless job applications, bothering people trying to work in businesses (who aren't hiring anyone), just to fill in the blank lines in the "job search diary" and get a check that may pay for food and utilities but not rent or mortgage. The check could buy a tent. Once the weather is warmer the jobless could move to a tent city and pretend they are camping. But they will still have to fill out the useless "job search diary". Most people who lost their job desperately WANT another job. The rest will just fill in the diary with lies.

And then there is more government business in the PILE of envelopes from Medicare that came in today's mail. My dad's usage in 2008. From January 1st to the day he died. I had shredded them by mistake while cleaning out his file cabinet. So I had to get duplicates. Because, now that I have written a few checks to doctors and medical offices, there is "blood in the water" and the welfare cheats (sharks) are moving in for their share of the money. So I, yes, it's up to me!, must prove they do not qualify, have already been paid, or are lying. Delightful. Medicare was kind enough to copy and send me all these duplicates. And they wished me well in my fight.

My dad's taxes are complete. He's getting a $14 refund.

My taxes aren't done. Not even started. Perhaps it's time to seek medical advice and some little tablets that will make me "feel better".

I made a wonderful pot of garden vegetable chowder on Saturday. Broccoli, carrots, corn, tomatoes, onion and a small potato surrounded by cream and cheese. And yesterday, G's day off, we went and had some Mexican food. No Margarita for me. The rice and the black beans were excellent. I had the special fajita dinner and didn't eat the flour tortillas (lots of calories) along with the steak and chicken. Mucho delicioso. Tonight, leftover soup for G and some salad for me. Tomorrow, my special cherry tomato pasta. Wednesday, New England Boiled Dinner. Thursday, more boiled dinner leftovers. And Friday is pizza night again.

And there's popcorn if either of us can stay awake long enough to pop some and eat it. Thank goodness for TiVo. We can "rewind" to see what we missed when we drifted off to sleep.

I watched the second half of David Copperfield on PBS (hate the begging for money) and some of Moonstruck with Cher. Why do I remember the name Uriah Heap? I didn't read David Copperfield and have never seen any other version. But I "knew" him. Not the actor. Any reason? So I watched the first hour, when David was born and the last 90 minutes of the second part. I don't know what his life was like after they sent him away or what happened to his mother. Guess I'll have to read the book. Or not.


Paula, the quilter said...

Uriah Heep was a band in the late 1960s. Beautiful album covers, especially on Demons and Wizards.

Life Scraps and Patches said...

I went to a little hole-in-the-wall local place to get my taxes done since the local CPA wasn't taking new clients. An 80-year-old with a calculator and a pencil and a happy attitude did them and sent them "up front" to be checked and they will be ready Friday. Lots of people poked their heads in to say hello, obviously a place where people come back year after year. The cost (and I had several forms) was $80. A good adventure -I wish you the same.