Sunday, December 21, 2008

When Happiness Shows Up

When Happiness shows up: offer it a comfortable seat. I am "feathering" my Christmas nest with twinkling lights, vintage and new ornaments, holiday food and higher settings on the furnace. What better use of my money? Heat. Lights. Things baking in the oven.

Happiness : This week's mail brought the most delightful Christmas card from Marianne in Hattersheim. An actual letter. Full of good cheer. It was like we were sitting down together for a nice chat. Oh, thank you, Marianne. Such good memories of Germany and your friendship. I know you read this blog on Sunday, and perhaps you have already done so today, but when you do read this, know that we would offer you the most comfortable of seats (to entice you to stay!).

Happiness: It is snowing and very cold here. A blizzard warning is in effect. But the snow is dry and powdery and easily plowed. It is also easily blown around so white out conditions could happen on the roads. We have no where to go. Let it snow. The flakes are big and fluffy and coming down like a big swirly snowglobe. So pretty.

Happiness: G & I did some grocery shopping on Thursday and found a ham. Hoorah!!! A whole, 16 pound ham that hadn't been "spiral sliced" or loaded with water. In fact, they had three hams in three different weighs. So we got to choose. I love having a ham in the fridge to nibble on for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And then for soup.

Happiness: Is spending time with friends. Not spending time in stores, shopping for things we don't really need. I spent yesterday afternoon with my walking buddy. She gave her daughter and son in law the gift of a snowy weekend in Boston at a posh hotel (rates are extremely low right now), while she babysits their 16 month old son. While he napped , we had coffee and a very nice conversation. Too cold for our usual walk. Then the three of us played "ball".

Happiness: Is having G drive me to work tomorrow and then come pick me up.

Happiness: Is going down to my workroom/studio and doing whatever I want all afternoon. Cleaning. Sorting. Sewing. Just sitting. Doesn't matter what I find to do. I'll be surrounded by fabric.

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