Monday, December 29, 2008

Dinner Guests

It's been quite awhile since we had company for dinner. G is busy cleaning. I am busy prepping the food. So far, I have blanched asparagus and sugar snap peas. Peeled and seeded tomatoes for bruschetta (to serve with Prosecco) as an appetizer. I don't usually work this way, but I felt I should put to use all the information and techniques I learn while watching the Food Channel.

We are having chicken with a breading of butter, Parmesan and seasoned breadcrumbs. I still need to prep the chicken and pound it very thin between sheets of clear plastic wrap

For dessert we are having chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. The cake is soaking up the hot butter, sugar and Kahlua syrup I poured over it. The cake itself is chocolate fudge with half a cup of Kahlua in the cake mixture. It smells heavenly.

The olive oil and basil for the bruschetta smells divine also. I will toast some Italian flatbread and then rub the toast with a cut garlic clove and top each slice with the tomato, basil, olive oil mixture. And , no, we don't eat this way every day, but we could. It's all very simple food and best of all, most of it was "on special" at the supermarket.

Not that it mattered. Every time I go to the supermarket, I put less in the cart and the bill at the end is higher than the previous visit. I am always startled by the total. Especially now that both G and I are not working.

If things get tight, we can always have beans and biscuits. The cowboy diet. With music. There was a cheese they sold in Germany and when you ordered some they would ask if you wanted your cheese with music or without. Finally, some kind German explained "music" to me. Ah, I understood, then. The cheese with music gave you gas.

On that charming note, I shall return to my kitchen duties.

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gema said...

Sounds like dinner is going to be wonderful! Whether or not it is on 'a budget', what better way?

You could always make bean and veggie soups and homemade breads.

Yesterday, I 'invested' in 2 very large breadpans, finally. I am tired of always baking 4 small loaves, so today I will bake a loaf of white and a loaf of 'dinkel' bread.

All the very best for the New Year, hope lots of good things come your way for you and your family.