Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa Has Left The Building

And it was a very nice Christmas. I finally got my wish and we did no shopping, no wrapping and now, no exchanging, returning etc.

The Christmas Burritos were excellent. Better than they have ever been. The pumpkin pie was good, also. Riley loved his peanut butter filled frozen Kong and the little stuffed Hippo that Santa brought him. Too bad about the squeaker getting bitten so quickly. I won the holiday Scrabble game with 212 points.

The sun was shining and the snow melted off the sidewalks and streets but not the lawn. Still good enough for snowballs and snowmen (which Riley knocked over and chewed up). Our tree got a good review from the daughter and the son was invited to "feast" with a bunch of guys who love to cook. He lives far away to the west where it is raining, but not snowing.

So goodnight to all and pleasant dreams!

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MariMo said...

Dear Joanne - only today, after one week off because the flue really got to me this year, did I read your last weeks's blogs. You have no idea how thrilled we were to get one of your swinging Christmas trees, ever since reading your December 18th blog we were holding our breath, saying to each other "you think we'll get one this year?"- it is feeling so well in the company of xmas tree 2006 and xmas tree 2007 - I wish you could see the three of them together - I have now put the three of them on a special display frame which we use for exhibitions in our art club - they look so special!
Your blog of the 21st really touched our heart - just read it together with Larbi - we felt so close to you and G. We too, often think back of the "golden days" as Larbi calls them - such good memories!