Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Beginning To Look Like Christmas

My Advent board is back and I have three items on it: my twelve by twelve, a folded paper trivet and a little swag of greens I'm working on for my Hindu goddess out on the porch. I figured out how to fold and wrap the paper for the trivet and now I have to contemplate how to fold fabric to make some little pieces. AND I have to work on my original Christmas trees for my cards. I have sewn, painted, collaged paper for my cards in past years. I just need to clear the decks, get out supplies and "play" until something strikes me as "it".

Last year I made ornaments with whatever I had to hand and I also cherry picked stuff off of trees in the attic with handmade stuff on them. This year I will have project ideas on my advent board. A month of daily ideas or work in progress.

We have better Christmas music at work. Instrumentals. All that caroling gets tedious and a nice instrumental clears the head. Still enjoying Santa Baby with Eartha Kitt, the Beachboys, and Elvis's Blue Christmas. No chipmunks, which is sad. No Gramma getting run over by Santa which is very good. No frogs croaking out Jingle Bells. Ugh!

Wreaths, trees and poinsettias are selling, finally. No matter what the economy is doing, we gotta have a little merry Christmas in our hearts and homes.

What's Good Today: Thanksgiving Turkey is finished. We still have some apple pie but the pumpkin is gone. Black beans are soaking for some Black Bean Bisque. Tonight's dinner is baked potatoes, sauteed pork steaks, steamed green beans and applesauce. Dog is out for his daily walk. Sun is shining. Time to pack my lunch and dress for work.


gema said...

That paper trivet looks enticing, wonder if I could make it with fabric?

You didn't say how the slow-cooked turkey turned out.

Yes, that trivet.......

Deborah Boschert said...

The trivet is genius. How about a tutorial. Seriously I love it. I saw a tiny creche made of similar folded paper in the Luthern World Gifts catalog and I waited too long to order it and it's sold out. Boo Hoo.

I love your Advent ideas.