Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Two and Eight

I can't begin to describe the perplexity of my co workers when I got down on the floor (literally) to take this photo. I just had to bring the camera to work for these wonderful "dots" created by the open ends of pressed wood logs. I almost used Rayna's "I'm an artist" line.

Last night I hugged several co workers farewell. They won't be working on Wednesday, my last day at work. The ones I hugged are looking for new employment and may not be back when the spring season begins in March. I may never see them again. Everyone but 3 or 4 are being laid off for two and maybe three months. Okay for me, sort of, but not a good choice for most with rent, car payments and insurance. We make so little that unemployment doesn't come to much.
Parting, is indeed, such sweet sorrow.

And tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I usually spent the day cooking. I will, instead, spend the day working. What will Sam do without her pierogi? I guess I have to make them today. What will G and I eat tomorrow? Perhaps I should have planned ahead?????

There are NO presents to wrap. We did NO shopping. I know we should have been helping the economy by buying things that are on sale, but actually, we don't need anything right now. I did want a pair of pajamas but I pulled a 2X pair out of the Goodwill bag, and, with some tucks, they will do for this winter. I thought I needed socks but now that I have only one more winter day at work, I don't need more socks. (watering plants = wet socks) Watering plants equals wet socks, wet pant legs and wet sleeves. And then you help a customer carry something OUTSIDE where its 7 degrees and windy. Wow!

I described my emotional state (to a friend) as being like a kite, suddenly having no one holding the string. No downward tug. No parent after a lifetime of having him there. No work after 9 months of such pleasant work. Uncertain circumstances in the world rippling into my life.

Eight more days in this year and I can begin a new year, fresh and clean. New hopes, dreams and plans. After I complete my ONE new years resolution from 2008 -- making a buttonhole with my sewing machine.


Annie said...

Joanne, I really liked your 'arty' picture.

Wishing you a peaceful Christmas day and a healthy, content New Year.

Stay safe in this 'gawdawful' Maine winter we are having!

I haven't been able to get out for a walk in weeks, I'm used to a daily walk - it's too early for cabin fever. We've got a long way to go!

: )

gema said...

Happy Holidays Joanne, hope you are having some nice family times and some good food to go with the day.
Sounds like you are having a fabulous wintery Christmas. Envy envy.

It is just about midnight here so were are good and done.
Now to clear up and start some Kwanzaa celebrations along with some yummy Kosher food. Hey, one could go all the way until the end of Jan. for the Chinese New Years, which I might just do........
Better start exercising for my New Year's resolution....LOL...