Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fabric/Art , finally!

Each year I make my own Christmas Card using a tree as the theme each year. I find I can be more creative with strict parameters. So, a tree. And I took a random bag of fabric scraps, scissors, glue stick and that was it, to FiberArts over the ArtWalk weekend (and ice storm) and worked on the trees. I fudged a bit and used some felt I had in my work basket for another project.

There were odd scraps of fabric in the bundle. the one on the left had blue beads sort of glued to the surface. I added buttons and stitched the pieces down with invisible thread and the zigzag stitch the next day. I slipped the finished (sort of) 4 by 6 inch pieces carefully into purchased photo card holders that I got in the summer for 70% off.

The hardest part was getting started. And the first cards were a bit on the ugly duckling side but after making five, I went back and fixed them just a bit and they looked ever so much better. And the final stitching makes a world of difference. I like the felt as a backing better than just fabric (too thin and wobbly).

As I got closer to the end, I got much looser and the results were more "arty" like the tree on the left. I really wish they all had that carefree spirit. The one on the right is a bit dark in the photo but has a very rich texture with the glittery tulle, lush green satin and a wonderful textured, gathered fabric for the stem all on a bed of flecked felt.

These two trees are just "swinging" to some jazzy Christmas music. I believe these were the last two I made. You can see the textures of fabric I found in my bundle, which was from the fabric swap at my chapter meeting. The one where 12 out of 60 participated. My swap bundle was from a crazy quilter. O La La!!! All the pieces were 6 or 8 inches square. Just bits.

Then I had to choose who gets a card. And what card. They are in the mail and some should have arrived (to local venues) today. I hope you love them as much as I love all of you!

I have lights on my "wild" uncultivated Christmas tree but no ornaments yet. I have slipcovers to remove and wash in the living room, dining room to clean in preparation for inviting guests to eat with us over the next two weeks, twinkly lights to hang from the molding (think Nigella's Christmas Kitchen), the kitchen itself is spotless (not a normal) as G has been cleaning it daily after breakfast and dinner now that he is home. He's been walking the dog every day also.

I think we will be going to 111 Maine Street for lunch later today. I have been very strict with G on credit card usage and meals out. But it's Christmas. And he does enjoy his Flank Steak Sandwich with Crispy Potatoes. The onions on the sandwich are carmelized and then reduced in Port wine.

We will be going to the grocery store after lunch. I really want to purchase a holiday ham but I do not want a spiral sliced one. So it's been difficult. I may chat with the butcher and see if I can place a special order.

We finally finished the lasagna I prepared last Thursday (before the storm). It was one of the best I've ever made. G had the last piece with a nice mixed salad for dinner last night. I had a bowl of oatmeal because K at work got me Nachos from Taco Bell for lunch. Have I mentioned how very much I adore K ????? Not to worry. He's 18. J at work (34) reminded me to go start my truck when it got close to closing time at work yesterday. Wanted me to have a nice warm vehicle for the ride home. Did I mention, enough times, what wonderful co workers I have here at the greenhouse?

It's 10:30 in the morning and I haven't finished my first cup of coffee yet and I'm still in my pajamas. I need a "to do" list to get me motivated. I made a list of five items on Tuesday and got them all done by dinner time. WOW! Could not believe it. So, another list of five today. Be warm. Be Happy. Make something today!

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Annie said...

Yup, I absolutely love those cards. Lucky recipients!

And lucky you with a hubby who cleans the kitchen. My J is home all the time but he messes the kitchen up for me to clean. Yuh, I know, I'm home (both retired) all the time too but I could use a bit of help. Not 'gonna happen.

: )