Friday, November 21, 2008

What's a Blogger To Do?

Yesterday I was notified that my blog was rated as a 7.4 out of ten. Very Good. So I went to the website to see the competition. I'm now wondering if they sent the notification to the correct Wednesday's Child. The others had way cool graphics, pop ups etc. Perhaps my writing skills?

I am a closet competitor. Left on my own, I will wander and procrastinate all day long, but give me a taste of someone doing better than me and I get all interested in "winning". Now, I'm wondering about these new additions to my blog:

1. Controversy. Like rants, arguments, strong opinions expressed strongly

2. More artistic content. Like SOME rather than the NONE I am now providing

3. Better writing. I am capable of better prose, memorable word pictures and thoughtful images. Humor is too difficult for me, longterm, as I am best at deadpan wit. Hard to do with the typed word.

4. Learn how to do dazzling techno stuff and skip the whole CONTENT problem

5. Remain as I am and be content with my 7.4 rating. Stop coveting the 9.8 through 7.6. Feel superior to those with a 7.2 and lower.

Those are my thoughts today. Time to pack my lunch and go off to work. It's 15 degrees here in Maine. BRISK. The ground is crunchy with ice.

I'm hoping the three foot snake plant I ordered for a customer looks decent and I can pot it up for him in the newly sanitized pot. Wow, was the dirt in the pot he brought in STINKY. I'm wondering if they got the remaining 187 wreaths done yesterday (my day off) or will I have to bow up some more. We ordered new tires for my truck and they go on tomorrow. No more "slip/sliding" around on the drive home. I think I'll drive the roadster to work again today and use the awesome seat heaters to toast my rear parts while my head freezes (ragtop).

Be warm! See you later!

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MariMo said...

7.4 Joanne congratulations! Keep going - I enjoy your blog so much! Also on your quilts exhibition I will watch that when I'm back in Germany . So much enjoying Dubai and the weather over here, but still HAD to have my regular Sunday visit of your blog. For me you're a 10!!