Friday, November 07, 2008

All's Well

Thank you to all the readers and blog friends who sent along their thoughts and prayers on the passing of my Dad. If there is a heaven, my dad is skate dancing around the big roller rink and sipping coffee and "sugary snacks" with all his departed friends wondering why he waited so long to join them. My dad loved LIFE and held on way longer than any of his family thought possible but I think he is happy now.

And I can relax and not worry about him falling, tripping over the dogs, being sick with no one nearby, being lonely, being frightened as he was during the five days without power in September of this year (they had a bad storm), not eating properly, taking too much or not enough of his medicines etcetera.

I have a heap of new garlic cloves to plant and I hope a friend takes more than half of this bounty for her own garden. I have returned to work and am happily working part time and only 3 or 4 days a week which gives me breathing room to pursue other interests. My daughter wants the two of us to work on a "project" together like we did on the Gingerbread House two or three years ago. Sounds good. I always like a project that involves glue.

I have an idea for another quilt in the Garden Series. I have pieces to finish. I feel a renewed energy to get things moving in the quilt studio and I have two good books waiting for pick up at my library so I can kick back and read all day if I choose.

Riley has discovered real squirrels. He moves at lightning speed and it's only a matter of time and opportunity and a misstep by the squirrel and Riley will actually catch one. Any ideas on what happens if he does catch one? Riley consoles himself, when he misses a squirrel, with his stuffed squirrel toy. He holds it gently in his mouth as he gazes out the window at the real squirrels. Such an intelligent pupperoni.

(It's now Saturday afternoon and Riley has given up the parts of a red squirrel that he either found dead or caught and killed. We said "no" and he dropped the body. ICK!)

Now it's breakfast, coffee, the OP pages of the NYTimes and then work. Later!

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