Monday, November 10, 2008

The Other Shoe Drops

This piece has been on the design wall long enough and as soon as I can talk G into re-installing my sewing machine into the sewing table (he took it apart when I thought I was taking the machine with me to Ohio, when I thought my dad was going to get better) and now I need to get back to work on my sewing projects.

I made my usual mistake with this piece and used a flat one piece background. For some odd reason, I liked working this way. Now I know better. I try and make an interesting pieced or layered background and THEN build forward. Rather than build the piece and THEN try and add depth to the background. Of course, there are many pieces that are just flat. No attempt at depth. And others where I have succeeded beyond possibility (according to the gallery people). I listen to what the gallery people say but go with what I KNOW. The work they say is my best is not.

I finally found Knox gelatine at the supermarket and will be experimenting with gelatine monoprints on fabric. I will share my adventures with you. I will even be painting white muslin in the weeks to come to layer in my background work. I want to make Fall and Winter Garden quilts for my series before the "meet the artist" reception at the gallery in December. I just need to set a deadline and work, work, work.

I have even greater hopes for Obama now. My husband is unemployed as of Friday and we now have no health insurance or income. And we live in Maine where jobs are part time at best and winter is long and cold. If I was bordering on depression before, well, now it's going to be a struggle. The work on quilts will be therapeutic.

I'm going to believe that life doesn't give you more than you can handle. But right now it seems like I do have more than I can handle and then more comes my way with the loss of G's job, my dad's death, my dad's estate and winter, never my best season. Hang on. I think I'm in for a bumpy ride!


Deborah Boschert said...

Sad news. I'm sorry.

But, I think the energy and enthusiasm you have for the garden quilts is fantastic. Keep it up.

Terry Grant said...

I hear ya. It all seems to crash in at once, doesn't it? We were retired, now looking for work, mostly for health insurance and a little cash to take the pressure off until the stock market rebounds. (when will that be??) Sigh. At least we all know we're in good company these days. "Buddy, can you spare a dime?"

MariMo said...

Keeping all fingers crossed for you Joanne - G is the best trainer EVER - we all know that over here in Germany and will never forget how he trained most of us - unbeatable! There will be a solution for him - I am absolutely confident. And you continue your quilt creation - one more beautiful than the other - such creativity. Hugs from Hattersheim/Germany

gema said...

Wow, I see you have another German reader!

I am totally at a lost for words. See that is why I live where I am and not in the USA. I cannot understand how that system works.
I here words like recession here too but we have nothing to lose so bring it on!...LOL...Dh has always maintained that the best way to go is to be in debt, not give the bank your money...LOL..NOW, if that is sound wisdom, I'll never know.
But, J, you are both healthy and that is worth everything.

Couldn't your G give some training classes, maybe in the evenings at a community college somewhere? Maybe, he could build his own business from there, training young and not so young people.

Life Scraps and Patches said...

I know that you will be able to handle all this with grace. Your creativity serves you in more ways than just your quilting and cooking and gardening. You'll be all right.

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear things are tough.