Sunday, November 30, 2008

Not Quite Ready

Today I slept late, skipped breakfast and went for a walk with my walking buddy N. N is back from Florida for the Thanksgiving holiday and will be returning to Florida on Tuesday. We took Riley along for the walk. And, after, we had a coffee in my kitchen. I miss walking every morning with N like I did in 2008. I now have a job and N has a delightful baby grandson.

I treated G to the one movie, in a theater, that I see in a year. 2008. James Bond. It was quite good and I don't hate the new Bond as much as I did the first time. He does have lovely eyelashes. I may be seeing Angels & Demons in 2009. We saw the preview and this may be my only chance of seeing Rome again.

My floral arrangement for Thanksgiving. Today the lilies (orange ones) opened and the arrangement looks a bit better, more colorful. It was very nice, having flowers, on the holiday table. I need to do more of that. We still have turkey in the fridge and that's good because I didn't go to the grocery today.

I will be late with my 12 by 12. I haven't been in the correct frame of mind for artwork. I'm doing better everyday, but my emotions are a bit erratic. Yesterday, I was reliving the last day of my dad's life. I don't know why. It just seemed like I needed to sort it out, examine it, and then put it away. I still feel like I should call him. See if he's okay.

Tomorrow. Cold. Rain. Work. I had wanted to get a few pictures of the greenhouse full of red, white and pink "points" but the light may not be there. Tomorrow, I will continue to make holiday boxes of evergreens and winter berry and add pine cones to make State of Maine wreaths. I won't be getting home till it's good and dark as my new schedule is all "closing". All I want to do after work is shower and go to bed. Riley and I are both on the same wave length in the "dark days" of winter. If it's dark, we sleep.

Mansfield Park on Masterpiece Theater tonight. I just love Jane Austen. And, perhaps, a slice of pie and some tea. And, to all, a goodnight!

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Annie said...

OOOH, love that floral arrangement!
I lost track of your blog for a while, but found you again and am enjoying.

: )