Sunday, November 23, 2008

Good Things Happening

I am in the midst of some cleaning projects but wanted to post before the holiday rush begins. I got all my dad's papers sorted and filed, ready to start sending out copies and notarized letters for the estate. The caretaker for Dad's house needs a key for the snowblower. I want to wash the outside of the windows.

But first, I want to tell you about something that happened a week or more ago. My quilts are on display at MaineFiberworks and that is a big deal but it got even better on November 14th. Maine Public TV sent a videographer over to film my show and they put it on the air, over the credits, on Maine Watch. I will give you a link to the Maine Watch site and you can go there and select the November 14th program on composites (which is interesting) and you can skip the video ahead repeatedly until you get to 25.00 approx. Then wait. Jennifer Rooks will mention fiber arts and then say my name and show the sign on the door and then you will see my quilts. I wanted to have a YouTube video for all of you and we may still be able to do this in a while but right now, this is the best I can do:

If this doesn't work for you, search for Maine Watch on Dogpile (my favorite search engine).

I have Monday off and then will be working through Saturday. I expect we will be very busy on Friday and Saturday, selling Christmas Trees, wreaths and Poinsettias. I have new tires on my truck and the wheels are aligned (they were NOT aligned) so I will be driving MUCH safer from now on and not sliding toward the center line and fighting the wheel back to the right.

I want to make something small and Christmasy to sell at the December 12,13,14 open house at Fiberworks. Handmade cards or very small, inexpensive works which people can afford to purchase. In order to do this: I need to WORK.

Have a very peaceful, warm and happy Thanksgiving my dear friends.


gema said...

Yeahhh! Imagine your name on the door, SUPER! The quilts are wonderful, these are all new to me, I've never seen them on your blog before. Yes, you must work to produce more of these beauties. Thanks for linking us up.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Terry Grant said...

Great to see your quilts. They really are wonderful!

kathy said...

funny, I listened to this broadcast the next day as i quilted but somehow I missed the ending and mention of your name...course I couldn't have seen your work anyway, since it was the radio. But as you know, I've already seen it!