Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Where You Are Now

Where you might go.

Are you living in the "now" , the "past" or the "future"? I find myself at the usual place, indecision, around my birthday (the 18th). I usually have this feeling that I should be thinking about what the next year will bring.

I'm reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and am thinking about the "big farm" picture. I have four acres here in Maine, but without a huge greenhouse, we will never be able to produce enough food to live on. No animals, other than the wild ones in the woods, are allowed (like chickens). So if I want to produce enough food to live on, with fruit and nut trees--- we would need to live elsewhere. Warmer.

I'm also thinking about solar panels for heating water. Or a wind turbine. I'm not interested in burning wood for heat.

Today was such a contrast. Unhappiness among the workers but wonderful customers. I had a delightful encounter with a customer who brought in quince fruits from a bush for identification. While discussing fruit, she mentioned hiking and finding, overhead, while answering the "call of nature", Elderberries. I adore Elderberry jelly. But this customer wasn't about to tell me where she found this huge cache of berries locally. She said she had already made jelly and several pies with her newfound berries. We both had memories of country lanes in Germany lined with elderberry bushes. Ah!

I re- potted two little "trees" into bonsai dishes for two different customers. And for each, I went out in the pouring rain to scrape moss off of rocks to plant on the surface. I just think it looks so much more natural that way. I also sold, at 60 instead of 50%, EVERY PIECE of willow fencing to one customer and helped pile it into her car. And I trimmed and cleaned the entire wall of starter (small) green foliage plants. A good day when it could have turned into something not so good.

What's Good Today: G calling me at work and asking if he should drive over to bring me long pants since the rain had really brought a chill to the morning (61 degrees). Sweet. K buying me a tall cup of hot coffee after lunch. Warm. Leftover eggplant Parmesan for supper after a long day at work. Satisfying. An email with a dinner invitation for next week. Interesting. Now I'm going to find out if the new romance I got at the library is any good.

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