Thursday, September 25, 2008

Post 453

One of the piles of magazine and newspaper debris that are in piles on my table. A good piece of text, an interesting liner in a bill envelope, a little inspection slip of paper, a picture from a cigar box. All these things enchant me. And, eventually, if I live to be 100, they will be used to collage some flower in my journals.

Today I must make some decisions. Where to eat lunch and with whom. What to make for the 12 by 12 challenge. I have two ideas and so far have had "no time" to try either. I also need to decide if I want to invest time and energy (both in short supply right now) in being Program Chair for a group I really don't even want to belong to anymore. Guess I just made that decision. The next decisions will be made in the vegetable garden. Who moves into the kitchen for processing, who moves into the compost pile and who stays in the ground. We have had sunshine for two full afternoons so I hope more raspberries have ripened. So many on the vines and so little time left. I also have bulbs to plant. And $5 sale roses. No frost has blackened the red dahlias yet so they can stay put another week or so. I also need to decide if I want to start a cold weather crop of kale, beets and spinach. And do I want to plant garlic.

Next year, I am planting onions and potatoes in my small garden. I already decided on that.

I also decided to buy a lined vest or down filled vest to wear at work in the mornings and afternoons, when it's coldest. The greenhouse is nice and cozy (bright and warm) in the middle of the day with the only downside being wet socks. I might look and see if any of the boots I see sitting in the houses (filled with spiders and dirt) would fit me. Then I would have to clean them, dry them and remember to wear them when I water each day. This seems easy enough to do, but my day is so fragmented, I forget what I was in the middle of, when I get a request for help with a customer etc. Yesterday I spent most of the day up by the cash registers (answering questions, ringing up sales and working on my Suduko puzzle). And ended the day hauling pot mums across the parking lot and then watering them by dragging the hose across the parking lot. Around cars and trucks and customers. I decided on Chinese for supper last night.

I think I began this blog three years ago at the end of September. I need to check on that. I used to work and rework my blog entries to make them witty and charming and no one ever read them. Now I use the blog as it must have been intended, as just a way to express my thoughts, in journal form. And if someone enjoys reading--- well, that's the wonder of the blog! I have figured out, over the years, how to occasionally manipulate my readers (as an experiment), get comments etc but generally, I must TRY to make that happen. It doesn't come naturally. So I COULD be more popular, if I tried harder, and was less like myself. I'm not really the "popular" sort of person. It WOULD be WILDLY EXCITING to have 1000 readers a day and 500 plus comments on a post. But then you'd have to manage all that and "keep up". I'm not that interesting. I'd have to start making stuff up and the blog would turn into a work of fiction. Not this blog.

The dog has taken G for a walk. I am taking a nice hot shower. After I finish my nice cup of coffee. Then I will start deciding.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Your post hit my thoughts this morning on the head. Decisions, do I cut down the peonies now, should I trim the bush that has grown up in front of my window, even though it should have been trimmed in spring? Somehow the fall thoughts about gardening aren't as exciting as the spring ones.

Mary Ann Littlejohn said...

from one of your regular readers....My back yard garden was decimated by falling branches from neighbor's tree during Hurricane Ike. I am wondering what to do with the empty spaces this time of year.

Keep posting.

gema said...

I think you live in Maine right? Isn't that where LLBean is? My all time favourite catalogue. The only catalogue shopping I do. Maybe you could go to their outlet and get some nice outdoor type clothing...downfilled and all. This year I am going to treat myself to one of their winter coats, downfilled, if they do such a coat.