Sunday, July 13, 2008

Three Things

One: My Hollyhocks. Singles. This is my first time with actual hollyhocks in my garden. I have loved them for years but never had room, remembered to buy them etc etc etc. No excuses this year, right? This is the first one to grow tall enough to bloom and it's a lovely pink. I'm happy.

Two: We went out for lunch and they got my drinks order perfectly correct. Margarita, on ice, salted rim, extra "squeeze" on the side. Slight buzz going. Happy.

Three: Read a whole book this weekend and it was good. Better than good. Nevada Barr's Winter Study. I wish I was Anna Pigeon. She really gets beaten up in this book! But she just keeps going. Like a Timex match. And..... well, I won't ruin it for others. Happy.

I've spent the past three days, working, walking the dog, doing laundry, baking banana bread (and forgetting the egg!), baking a strawberry rhubarb custard pie (we were out of pie, remember?), making pizza and salads, watering the vegetable garden two or three times, picking radishes, reading my book and enjoying sitting around in a white tee and wrapping a length of golden print fabric around my hips and tie-ing the ends at the waist. So tropical. And because I get so much sun at work--I have a divine tan this year.

On the minus side I have a runny nose because the goldenrod is in bloom and I have dozens of mosquito bites. And the deer flies are terrible this year! Poor puppy is being driven crazy with the deer fly biting his ears. Supposed to rain.

Tomorrow another no work Monday. My first three full days (consecutive) away from work since April 19. I could start to like this. Riley seems to think I should spend every moment with him (or at least be in physical contact; meaning I type and he rests his head on my foot, I sew and he blocks the exit with his sleeping body) Works for me.

Posie Gets Cozy made ice tea on her blog post. So I made iced tea. Half gallon canning jar filled with ice cold tap water, two family sized cold brew decaf Lipton tea bags steeped till dark enough, then I added less than a 1/2 cup white sugar and stirred. When the sugar was dissolved I capped the jar and tucked it into the fridge. Sweet Tea. But not too sweet. Just right. Need to make another jar tomorrow morning. And, yes, the water coming out of the sink tap is ice cold here in Maine. Even in July.

Need to pay the bills and eat some pie. Hope you have pie to eat!

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