Monday, July 28, 2008


Time is rushing by. Acorns. Fall. Winter. Geez. And I was just starting to enjoy Summer. I have watermelon cubes in the fridge next to the big jar of iced tea. The garden is just getting it's "legs" and will begin producing all sorts of stuff in the next few weeks. Zucchini and cherry tomatoes, I hope, because I love eating those pickles I make and the cherry tomatoes are enjoyed all winter in my favorite pasta sauce. And, to announce the changes coming, the grass is littered with baby acorns.

I was supposed to be walking right now but my walking partner has had a dental floss emergency and is in the dentist's office as I type. I have always told my own dentist that dental floss is dangerous. Now I have proof. N's floss is STUCK under one of her crowns. On the few occasions when I floss, the floss always gets stuck, under, around or somewhere, leading to panic on my part. And it takes forever for me to try again. And I don't have any crowns. Just plain teeth.

I have a lunch date today at 11:45. I am trying to think how best to arrange my morning, when to shower and dress, when to depart, what to do. The walk would have filled this pre-luncheon time perfectly, but now I'm perplexed. So I thought I would blog.

I weighed myself last night and decided it's time to return to my diet. Then this morning I weighed myself and it's not quite so awful. Five pounds. How I managed to gain 5 pounds in one month is astonishing. Several glasses of beer, 2 bacon cheeseburgers (one week apart), bacon pizza and pie. That's all it took, and typing this, I have to admit, it's quite a lot of bad choices. So MUCH easier to gain than to lose. So no more pie. No more pizza unless it's homemade with veggies only and only a sprinkle of cheese. Lots of salad. No more bread for awhile. No chips even if they are healthy SunChips. This is certainly depressing but better to try and lose 5 pounds now than to ignore it and gain even more. And no more BACON, my favorite food.

I think there has been a lack of things to do (which interest me) to keep me from snacking. When I get bored, I eat. My fabric work, my journal. Not working. I tried Suduko puzzles, and while they do occupy me for long periods of time, I never get them right, and spend all my time erasing. It is so frustrating that I then need to comfort myself with salty chips.

Not doing much "home cooking" either. I made that soup. We never actually ate it.

I'm taking a shower, stopping in at the library, wandering around in town until lunch. I have had only a handful of blueberries and a cup of coffee today. When I was on the "diet", I always skipped breakfast when I had a lunch date. Then I could actually eat a proper lunch. Today will be a return to salad lunches. I do hate them. Always wet lettuce or wilted or not enough and so much money for so little food.

Perhaps I should have waited to blog when I had something interesting to say?

What's New: Remember the six window boxes I made? The customer came to get them Friday and tipped me. $32. I am stunned. Speechless.


Libby said...

Yes. Money is good.

As for the 5 pounds - all those new muscles you've developed probably account for at least part of it, so if your clothes still fit the same, I wouldn't worry about it.

Joanne S said...

Oh, Libby you darling! My clothes do fit the same, it's just the scale that shows the gain.

And I do have muscles.