Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday News

Saturday. Work. Yes, my first Saturday and Sunday at my new job. The young people told me that the weekends were "crazy". So I expected crowds of customers with questions. Instead, L and J and I, got a tremendous amount of work done. I did wait on customers, also. But I experienced more "crazy" at the library than I do here. And I found a sweet prezzie tucked behind my time card this morning. A paycheck!!!

Maine continues to be under the influence of the first Spring I have ever experienced in my 16 years of living here. Short sleeves, suntan lotion, sandals, convertibles, sunshine and blue skies & ice cream. Where's the April snow? The mud that gives us Mud Season. The RAIN? Each day dawns (6 am) and it is freezing or nearly freezing outside. By 10 am the sun is warming Maine up and things just get better all day until the wind changes and the breeze comes in off the ocean and things start cooling off. Nice and cold at night so the sleeping -- with the window open is sweet. Except for the peeping of the frogs or salamanders in the vernal pools.

My son has been working with his dad on a few projects like a new step for the back "stoop", insulating the hot water pipes in the basement to be more efficient with the heating, adding memory to Slambo's computer and trying to make our computers "wireless". My laptop is supposed to be wireless but when I unhook it, the computer doesn't always work.

On Monday the Invisible Fence people will be here installing the wire for Riley's fence. G wants him to be able to run around the 3/4 acre yard that we will have wired. I'm wondering what Riley will think of the "training" where he gets shocked whenever he walks near a little white flag.

Riley is having some difficulty with; me working (our walking schedule is kaput), our son who is visiting, no regular dinner time (when he gets cheese for the long stay), and I think they fed Riley different food at the kennel on Friday. He's having to "ring the bell" and go out frequently. Tummy Trouble. And Riley is having a hard time "settling" and to calm himself he has started to hold his toy (pup-a-saurous) in his mouth and knead his blanket. Nursing behaviour. He puts himself to sleep in 5 minutes. Riley may weigh 67 pounds and look like an adult dog, but he's still a puppy.

What's good Today: I have my Sunday lunch packed. Had my shower. And I get to sleep until 7 am tomorrow as we open at 8:30 on Sunday. My toothbrush is all charged up so my teeth will get a good brushing before bed tonight.

What's Not: I purchased a pair of Crocs. My first. In hot pink. And now my son (from California) says that Crocs are passe. Over. Been. Done. Gone. They had a whole wall of them for sale at Whole Foods on Friday. They had the Mary Janes which I adore. And ballet flat Crocs. And my friend in Florida got sandals. How could it all be over?

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Deborah Boschert said...

No no no, Crocs are fine. Enjoy them!