Friday, April 18, 2008

As Good As It Gets

My Daffodils are blooming in the April sunshine. They were a gift many years ago from my brother-in law. I have divided the original 20 daffs many, many times and they are the most reliable bulb in my garden. I've planted the big, yellow daffodils but they may or may not come up.

Isn't she pretty? The green houses have lots of pansies for sale right now and if I had somewhere to plant them, I might buy some. But I don't. I am tempted by an apple tree and perhaps a peach. The blossoms on both are so amazing in the spring. I don't have enough high, sunny area for either but my daughter has a perfect yard for an apple or peach tree. But if it's planted at her house, I will miss the blossoms falling like pastel snow over the bright green spring grass.

I baked "cake mix chocolate cookies" again and, man, they are delicious! I didn't have dark chocolate chips so I used all the white chocolate chips I had. G likes white chocolate best. I packed 2 freshly baked cookies into his lunch bag. G doesn't feel good. He has a headache. And he didn't sleep well last night.

I'm enjoying my "day off" after four full days of my new job. Guess what? I miss going to work. But I have cookies to bake, laundry to do, dog to walk and lots more time in the sun working on my tan. I drove home yesterday with the top down on the car. HEAVEN. Every day this week has been pretty wonderful.

What I'm Doing Today: Suntan, shopping for shorts (ugh), buying some fried chicken to go with the fried squash I made this morning and the steamed rice I will make later today. Going up into the attic to see if I can find the porch chair cushions. Last year we couldn't find them. I'm feeling a bit lucky today, so I may find them.

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