Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Last Wednesday in April

Yesterday it rained. And rained. And rained. It was also very cold. I could NOT get warm. I had to call home and have more clothes brought to me at work. I've decided to tell you that I work in a greenhouse. Which will explain some of the indoors/outdoors aspects of my new job. It will also explain the rain that was falling INSIDE the building as well as outside.

G & C brought me the insulated hunting jacket I bought @ Marden's in anticipation of a cold spring in the greenhouse. Instead, we had record heat and sun which I fully appreciated. And I forgot about my insulated jacket. Which, when I finally got it on, was toasty warm. My only concern the remainder of the day was staying dry. Not easily done in a greenhouse.

My son C (and sous chef) and I made a very large amount of potstickers yesterday. I made the dough out of flour and boiling water and left it to rest while I returned to town to get ginger, green onion and ground chicken for the filling. I was going to try a mushroom and cashew filling but it was getting late and everyone was hungry. C also baked a spice bundt cake which came out very delicious. Spice cake has always been his favorite.

We have been eating very well this week. Grilled, marinated pork chops. Burritos. Yumbos with baked beans. Chicken Potstickers. Spice cake. Tonight we are having a favorite of mine: cherry tomato pasta. I know. Lots of carbs. But G & C are working hard. Cutting down trees, insulating hot water pipes in a 4 foot tall crawl space (ugh), running internet cable under the floors, working on training the dog with his invisible fence "homework", walking the dog, vacuuming, and piling brush on the burn pile. They look exhausted when I get home.

The sun is shining today and two male Mallard ducks are swimming in the vernal pool on the western edge of our property. Riley now has "livestock" to tend. Squirrels. Two ducks. Robins making a nest above the sunporch doorway. Tadpoles in the pool. Crows. Tomorrow morning Invisible Fence flags will be added to the backyard landscape and Riley will be made aware of his limits. ZAP! But, on a positive note, Riley will also have freedom to roam, at will, over a 3/4 acre area. No leash. No training lead. He will be able to RUN and not worry about being yanked backwards by the lead. Now that he knows how to retrieve a nice, fresh, new tennis ball, Riley loves running up and down the hill. Into the vernal pool and back to G for a treat.

What's Good Today: Sunshine. Sliced fresh mango. Wicked Joe's coffee. Leftover Chinese food and leftover rice for lunch today.

What's Not: Last day of C's visit. I have loved having him here and am getting teary eyed typing this. He leaves tomorrow afternoon. I think we should play some Scrabble tonight. I also need to select information for handouts for my Vegetable Gardening 101 class on Saturday. I can tell it will be popular. Recession Gardening. My nails. I get a manicure on Friday and K will freak! We are going to have to rethink the pretty nails thing for a couple of months!


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I had guessed you were working at a greenhouse. What better place to be than where there is a lot of new life.

kathy said...

I would be so tempted to want to take one of everything home! I understand your gardening skills are high, so this is the perfect place for you to while away time! (p.s. thanks for your note the other day.)