Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Garden Clean Up

This is my day off so I am using it to clear the kitchen counters and fridge of garden produce. To save it from the compost bucket.  I washed and halved these tomatoes and added salt, pepper and olive oil.  Roasted for a total of one hour at 400 degrees.  I'll either make them into a sauce or freeze them in a freezer bag for later.

I also shredded all the zucchini (four) that I have right now--not imagining any more on the way.  I have a low carb casserole that I made once last spring, which was very tasty.  So I'll make it again.  And this time follow the recipe.  I didn't the first time.

G found the booklet for my phone.

I also lost my temper with him and yelled quite a bit.  He uses my camera and my computer. (he has his own, wanting a "new" iPad which I am not interested in using-- and have never asked to use)  He doesn't ask.  But he also never puts anything back the way he found it.  I am not computer savvy.  I was trying to download the picture at the top and I kept getting HIS picture files and not mine.  Even he couldn't get it to go away. I delete all pictures from my camera-there is nothing stored on it. And my camera kept shutting off.  Anyway--I was very upset.

I like my things to be the way I want them.  They are mine.  I paid for them.

I think, psychologically, that I work and earn my own money (now) because I want the things I buy (and use) to be "mine".  Not things he bought.  For me.

I am sure there are deep issues here which I could look into with a therapist.  If I wanted to.  I don't. But the anger management should be looked into and controlled better.  Lots of the time it's just frustration. I couldn't fix what had happened to the computer and that is terribly frustrating.   A loss of control over the very small amount of things I actually do have control of. Or think I have control over.

Tomorrow I embark on a journey that is very scary for me.  Involving driving the car farther than I am comfortable driving, looking for parking in a very crowded area where I think cars get towed away, and spending the day with strangers.  A trifecta of things I don't enjoy.  There is the great possibility of tomorrow being a very good day or a very bad day.  I just have to move forward. I want it to be good.

If G was at all perceptive, and he is not with me, he would have known (after 45 years) this wasn't going to be a good day.  Which is why I am trying to occupy myself with shredding zucchini, baking tomatoes, folding laundry, washing clothes, mending the knee of his gardening pants etc.  These are things I can control.

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Diane said...

Thank you for sharing the link to the 10x10Brunswick. What a great idea, I loved looking at all the art work and I really liked the two that you did.
I hope you have a "good" day tomorrow!