Thursday, September 26, 2013

Leaf Peepers Visiting Maine-- Too Early For ME.

Yesterday was--at first--one of those days when absolutely nothing works.  I spent considerable time trying not to cry.  I was in a public place.  Then it got worse and we went down to the sales floor (I am training for a new, seasonal, retail job) to go "live" on the cash registers.

But before that could happen, Fate sent me a messenger.  A customer came up to me with a shoe and asked me where she could find out what it cost.  She had gotten it off a display.  She smiled.  I smiled back.  I said "I know just who to ask about your shoe"  And we walked off.  When I returned--I wasn't afraid anymore. I had been reminded that there were things I DID do very well. My supervisor had also told us--"there is no mistake you make, that we can't fix".

I did just fine. Bumbling at first, losing my"words" etc. And Saturday I won't have a mentor at my right hand to help for my first 8 hour shift.  But I will have coworkers who also had their "first day" and will help me "fix the mistakes I make".

Tomorrow, the greenhouse and Sunday the greenhouse.  A VERY BUSY WEEK.  Perhaps, too busy.

But today is my day off.  I have had a shower, cleaned out my bookcases, unsewed seams in three blouses that were meant to "slim" thru the waist.  I like things looser, so I took the "darts" out.  I have a white wash in the washer and then I have dog towels to wash.  I already sprayed his beds with Febreze.  Riley needs a bath.  Next up, I have to visit the garden and see if I can save anything else.  And I should take a ride to the grocery as we have not had many decent meals in the past few weeks.  I would like a nice pot roast.  And I can boil and mash the potatoes from my garden.  I am also going to make an Italian Frittata using sausage, kale and onion to take to work for my lunch.  I may also make my favorite tomato kale soup with white beans.

I need to get busy.  The sun is shining but it's cold in here.  Tomorrow is the 10x10 auction.  I am hoping I can attend this year.  After work tomorrow.  I'll get there late but I think they will still have a glass of wine I can drink!!!

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