Saturday, September 14, 2013

African Suns- Another 10x10 For Arts Are Elementary Auction

This is abstract.  I noticed when I studied the "sold" items from past year's auctions that abstracts aren't as popular --in fabric.  Abstracts are fabulously popular in oils, wax etc.  But not fabric.

I love abstracts.  As I can play with fabric and color placements and, if I have dark fabrics involved, draw on the dark bits with chalk or wax pencils.

I think the little edging I added to finish the piece is annoying but is not visible when in the black metal frame that 10x10 uses for all the pieces.  I think future work will not have a finished edge if it's being framed.  I'm "old school" when it comes to fabric work--i.e. quilts. I think they need backs and binding to be actually finished .  And I refuse to sign them on the front.  But these are all discussion (essay) questions that fabric artists are conflicted on--and will be forever.  I think the "potholder" "placemat" problems of certain shapes and sizes of work are a more important roadblock to sales.  Or acceptance.  10x10 is a potholder.  To many potential buyers.

It has finally stopped raining.  The sun was out and very welcome when I woke up, but while typing this, it has gone away.  I need to turn on the house lights, ugh.  Lamps on at noon--bah!  I think we had 4 inches of rain in the past few days.  Yesterday the Nursery crew had to roll and load strips of sod on two different orders, in the driving rain.  I was thankful I was Greenhouse, even though it WAS raining inside the greenhouse.  I didn't have a second or third set of clothing to change into. I was "not prepared".

You know, in my line of work, that summer is over when you need to stock the car with several changes of clothing.  And layers.  Nothing as miserable than working in wet clothing on a cold day.

After I hit publish, I am going down to the garden to assess the damages.  That much rain isn't good for a late summer garden.  I hope my tomatoes haven't split open.  I have peppers, tomatoes and one last little eggplant out there.  I am wanting to eat bread today.  I feel like an addict trying not to lose control. I made a very large pot of vegetable soup with all my vegetables--including one of my tiny cabbages and two of MY potatoes.  So, so good.  I added ALL the Arkansas Traveler tomatoes (I had on the counter) to the soup as they were getting squishy waiting for me to eat them for breakfast.  I have Brandywine and Cherokee Purples on the counter.  Waiting to be eaten for breakfast.  The ones I really DESIRE are the Siberian Reds.  OMG are they delicious.  But the rest of them aren't ready yet (one did ripen and I ate it so fast).  Now, I have to wait.

We have watched two episodes of Luther (season 3).  Not impressed.  I had planned a marathon, watching all four at once but--not happening.  G and I might be watching the remainder of season 2 of Homeland tonight instead.  Now that we have discovered Xfinity on demand, we should really cancel Netflix.  Most of the programming is old on Netflix and G and I had difficulty finding stuff to watch.  We did enjoy "Life" with Damien Lewis,"Wire in the Blood", and the first two seasons of Luther on Netflix.  But that was it. I have looked and looked but can't find anything else we want to watch past the first trial episode.  There is Breaking Bad but I think we can get that on Xfinity on Demand.  Not worth continuing to pay $8.99 a month for Netflix.  I had been reading lots of complaints regarding Netflix offerings,  Homeland was only offered as an add on for DVDs, but thought I would be able to find something.  I do like to watch without commercials.  Xfinity has commercials.

Not that we have all that much time to watch anything.  I have a week before my new, second job begins.  I won't have time for anything after that.


Annie said...

So.....when do we get to hear about your new second job?

I agree about Netflix, lousy choice. I was watching a British police series off and on, went to watch the other day and the whole series had been removed, "not available", it said! bummer. I'd get rid of it, but the husband likes old war movies.

Love the 10x10. : )

Terry Grant said...

Before getting rid of Netflix you should watch "Orange is the New Black" (if you haven't already done so.) We are totally hooked on it!