Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I Made It through Tuesday

Not without some pain and suffering.  Learning new things can be difficult.  Lots of stress to keep up with everyone else. I was on the verge of tears but pulled myself together. Tomorrow will be much worse.  Or much better.  I get to try the things I learned today on real, live people.

Whatever doesn't kill us, makes us stronger.  Right????

On Sunday I bought a scale to replace the one that stopped working.  Long ago.  I should have bought a new one sooner.  I have regained 30 pounds.  Most of my clothing still "fits" but when I look at my body in the mirror--well, I am not looking so good.  Lumpy.  Bumpy.

Whatever I did right yesterday, diet-wise, worked and I was 3 pounds less this morning.  Which is always such a puzzling thing when it happens.

G and I had our first Thanksgiving dinner tonight for supper.  The baked sweet potatoes were still dry in texture even after almost 2 hours of baking.  Little sugar in them.  Was it the strange dry weather where they are grown?  Or too much rain?  We had the deli roast turkey breast, stuffing mix, steamed broccoli and gravy.  Well, G did.  I had broccoli, sweet potato and turkey with a little bit of gravy.  It was very good.  Today was another cold and blustery day.  Too early for this.

NCIS tonight.  Saying goodbye to Ziva.  I don't want her to go.
We finished watching season 2 of Homeland.  Finished watching the new four part Luther.  Trying out Sleepy Hollow and Blacklist.  If I say I like them they will be cancelled.  So, I won't say anything.  Good or Bad.  Because if I hate them, they run for 5 to 6 years.

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Annie said...

I know,right,I love Ziva, and can't imagine NCIS without her!

So, tell me, did you like Blacklist? I went to bed, so missed it.I'm the same way, every time I like a show...that's the end of it. So frustrating!

Hope things get easier for you.