Thursday, May 28, 2009

More Rain

A picture from the pile I have torn from magazines to be used as artistic "fertilizer" when I need a boost or an idea. Yesterday was "dark, cold, wet" and I was totally chilled by the end of my work day. My hands were so cold the hot water in the shower made them hurt.

I have crossed a few items off my "To Do" list today. Two loads of laundry, the book sale email and volunteer chart (done), cashed my paycheck at the bank,returned library books, visited the post office to mail my shoes back, dropped off a bag of clothes to the resale shop (and got a skirt to cut up for a quilt or pillow) and I walked in town to the health food store for dried cranberries and raw sugar. I also bought romaine for my salads on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Yogurt for G and bagels.

And I checked the yogurt aisle and my doctor was CORRECT! Vanilla yogurt has lots more calories than plain, low fat yogurt. 200 calories for 8 ounces of Columbo Vanilla Low Fat and 110 for 8 ounces of plain low fat (in any brand). That's 90 calories of HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP in one cup of yogurt. I could have nearly a cup and a half of plain yogurt for 200 calories. I also checked the bottle of corn syrup in my pantry. 120 calories for 2 Tablespoons. Dr J recommends I squirt a little honey on the plain stuff and get used to eating it that way. You see, I thought they just added vanilla flavoring. But, in fact, they were adding lots of corn syrup and chemicals to make the yogurt sweet and yummy. The way I like it.

And I had lunch at 111 Maine. The chicken gyro with potatoes and a cup of cream of broccoli soup. I brought half my potatoes home for G and purchased a bowl of broccoli soup for him. And I baked him a Rhubarb Custard Pie and purchased a very nice Cheese Foccacia to go along with the soup. I had a little French press decaf coffee which was wonderful. Then back outside in the cold rain.

I'm having a second cup of decaf black tea (to warm up) because once I turn the furnace off, it stays off. G just got home from work and he's playing with Riley. They wrestle around on the floor. Riley is always SO happy to see G. I think I will take Riley to school (day care) tomorrow so G can get things done here (fix the guest room toilet and take a nap). Our daughter is getting back from her vacation tomorrow night and G has to drive to Portland to pick her up. She'll return the favor by walking Riley on Saturday while G and I are at work. I wonder if the vacation turned out okay. She was visiting a long time friend but hadn't seen her in a few years instead of the annual May visit to see her grandfather.

I think I may "change up" the blog posts when I return from Ohio. Serious, funny or informational chats (rants) on the things I enjoy talking about. Art, gardening & cooking. I may even make a tutorial.


Unknown said...

I like to eat blueberries with plan greek style yoghurt and a drizzling of honey for breakfast. Or snack. Or a pudding - its yummy! I prefer to add the honey rather than buy the brand already flavoured with it. I make it in layers in a crystal whisky glassa nd it feels really decadant and elegant.

Deborah Boschert said...

Sounds like a good day -- other than the cold.

I think I should make a pie. Actually, Jeff prefers cobbler. Maybe this weekend.

Terry Grant said...

I use a little splash of Torani sugar free vanilla syrup on my plain yoghurt. (The kind they put in fancy coffee drinks) It is absolutely TASTIER than the vanilla yoghurt from the store and no corn syrup. It has Splenda in it. I also like plain yoghurt sprinkled with a little Splenda and cinnamon.

Unknown said...

Try Yoplait light yogurt - vanilla. It's creamy and yummy, without the sugar and extra calories!