Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hours to Go

This morning I was awake by 7:30 and making biscuits by 8. And by 10 I was out in the garden trying to fit a week's worth of gardening into one short, dry, day. G had gotten some lovely compost for me and I tucked some under all the plants I had time for today. And I moved the phlox which I had in the wrong place for YEARS. I weeded, pulled, yanked, and chopped the many plants that, being in the wrong place, are weeds to me, today. And I dug up what I found out is a an old variety of something -- "a farm flower" which has taken over my beds. I dug it all up and planted it somewhere where it can be rambunctious. One such place is behind our polka dot mailbox. So far, nothing has survived there. I planted some charming pink zinnias into the bed where I dug the "farm flower" up. They look very cute next to the catmint and coreopsis. Pink, yellow and blue.

I gave away a huge box of the red dahlia tubers on Saturday to a lucky customer. She wanted to pay me! I said "just take them!". I planted the few remaining sets of tubers into the front of my perennial bed -- until I can find homes for them, perhaps next spring.

Mother Nature helped me with all the planting and transplanting by providing downpours of rain to help set the new plants into their new homes. Thank you, dear.

I got manure spread and the cucumbers (pickling) set in the vegetable garden, the zucchini and yellow squash are in as are the Delicata and Butternuts I started from seeds. Six large tomato plants are in as well (the other 16 tomatoes aren't big enough yet). Everything has a few yellow calendula or marigolds nearby to draw pollinators. I ran out of time before I could plant much more. It was really raining by the time I cleaned up the tools etc.

My lettuce and chard are really coming along nicely. They enjoyed all the cool weather and rain last week. I want to start some beets this evening so they will be ready to set out after I get back from Ohio. The kohlrabi is up. Tiny but up.

I am packing my applique circles for my trip and a book to read. When I bring things I enjoy along, I never have time to do anything. But let me forget a book or some handwork--- and we get delayed. This worked yesterday. I dressed for cold and rain and brought hot soup for lunch, so of course, it turned hot, sweaty and buggy by the afternoon. I took off as much as I could to cool off and I enjoyed the hot soup (followed by two bottles of ice cold water).

The weather is 50% chance of rain, 50's at night and low 70's during the daytime in Ohio. So I can safely pack one of every kind of clothing. My son only wears shorts and tee shirts so he'll adjust to the weather by pulling on a fleece or taking it off. I could do the same?

Time to pack the suitcase. I have all the important papers, documents, car keys, car insurance, cash, e-ticket, watch, checkbook, book, handsewing project, quart size bag of products, driver's license. I'm taking my pink crocs, light work pants and tees for the dumpster filling on Tuesday and wearing my all purpose gray sweater, jeans and lightest, long sleeve tee plus shoes and socks on the plane (where its always cold). I'll bring along my Flax linen 2 piece and sandals in case it's "warm" and we need to visit my dad's attorney. Oh, and for the "bank".

I should be back by Friday. With my new orange Fit. Gag! My new vacuum, Wega TV and G's "new" old PC. And whatever else we can stuff into the Fit along with our two suitcases. The "flagship" Joann's is just up the street in Hudson in case there's room.

G took the cell phone to work, so he better get home from EOM before Sam picks me up to go to the airport at 4 am. Yes, you read that right. Four in the morning.


Deborah Boschert said...

Good luck. I hope it's a smooth trip. The new magazine Art Quilting Studios comes out tomorrow. Maybe you can pick it up at Joann's. I think the new CPS Studios issue comes out this week tool.

MariMo said...

4 a.m. how horrible! I wish you a safe, warm trip - and return home safely.

Life Scraps and Patches said...

I enjoyed the story of your gardening day. Good luck on your trip to Ohio.