Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Morning Post

I'm trying an early morning post to see if I can regain my "upbeat" personality. I think (know) I have been dragging around here, of late, with a pretty dull, sullen attitude.

My boss is being a really pain this week. He is in panic mode because I am taking a week off work. In the 18 months I have worked for him, I have never even taken a sick day. The thought of seven days without me (get real) is making him crazy. Yesterday I had to teach another employee "everything" I know about the perennial yard. Where to start? With Latin names? I left her to tidy up the yard and I went in the annual house to pot up large orders. We had two massive pots to fill for one of the assisted living residences. Turned out okay. Not as spectacular as last year.

I am still in my own little panic mode, thinking about my trip to Ohio. And I am waiting impatiently for my new "Off Road" Crocs to arrive. And tonight is Art Club.

I weeded my flower beds for an hour after work yesterday while Riley sat with his back to me, several feet away, protecting "my back" from rouge squirrels.

I'm taking the camera to work for traffic/construction pics and also pictures of my perennial yard. I plan to exchange the rosemary I purchased for a Tuscan Blue Rosemary which has caught my fancy.

We finally ate some of the baked ham yesterday along with au gratin potatoes and green bean casserole. The ham was really "baked" but still tender and very tasty. I shared a large container with my daughter (Sam/Ham) and have plenty for many more ham meals (and more sharing). Got to run to work now. Have a happy day!

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Deborah Boschert said...

Well, how wonderful to feel needed, right?

I'm looking forward to seeing pix of the greenhouse and art night!