Monday, January 15, 2007

It's Snow, It's Snow...At Last!

I worked on these little blocks yesterday. They belonged to my friend Beverly and she was making something that was 8 units wide. Don't know what. She had a bag full of pieces cut and a few partial strips. So I cut a few more fabrics to co-ordinate. Tea dyed some indigo prints of my own. And then I set to. I plan to make this very long strip of pieces into a table runner for my dining room table. I wanted whatever I made to be used often so I could remember dear Bev whenever I see the fabrics. I think some of the fabrics were from her friend Yuki in Japan. Bev was hand piecing and had marked all the pieces in pencil. It was very nice to run my machine stitches, guided by her pencil markings. Like being together.

I got to spend so much time in my sewing room because I was absolutely furious with my husband yesterday and the safest route for all concerned was me staying away. I made him some cookies today. He really is a nice guy but sometimes........

I had to go out to get my hair cut this morning and I hadn't paid much attention to the weather so I just backed the sportscar out of the garage and into the wintry mess. Now I would usually (8 years) have just driven the car back into the garage, but I have new tires (and a new battery which is why the car even started). Supposedly all weather tires. So I drove down the driveway as a test of said tires. Did okay. So I tried my street--always the deal breaker as they never plow. Still okay. Then the merge from my street to the main street always a bit of a slushy, slidey disaster even in the 4x4 Jeep. I waited till there was positively NO ONE else on the street and pulled out---expecting the rear end of the car to slide across the road independent of my steering. Still okay. So we went to get our hair cut.

Now there WERE moments where I absolutely KNEW that I had no traction. The big SUV's behind me were going all over the road so I had some idea how bad it was coming home, but I never strayed past 30 mph and never slammed on the brakes. Slow and steady. And, of course, the car and I are very proud of each other!!!! Those are some fabulous tires! Michelin.

My husband will read this and say that the SUV's were going all over the road trying not to hit me--as I was going so slow as to be a winter hazzard. He loves to tail-gate even in blizzard conditions. 30 mph is NOT Granny Driving. 5 mph is Granny Driving.

Now I am deciding on what kind of soup to make. Cauliflower Cheese or Winter Squash. Maybe both.

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Shelina said...

Your tumbling blocks are great, and your cookies look delicious. It is smart to be careful on the roads. I hate it when someone tails me, especially when the roads are bad. I slow down on purpose, just to lessen the impact in case they do hit me!