Monday, April 03, 2017

Sunshine & Clementines

It is warm enough to sit outside on the back deck sans coat.  So that is what I will be doing.

I did my one load of wash  and it's in the dryer.  And I used my canned in juice peaches to make my favorite smoothie (frozen banana, raw cashews, peaches, blueberries and yogurt or milk).  Then I had to go up into the attic (into that weird sewing room) where I store things and find my carton of 16 ounce Crate & Barrel Working Glasses.  I use them for my smoothies.  They have lids.

I also counted my Working Glasses.  Three seem to be missing.  I usually buy them by the dozen. I went upstairs because I could only find two jars.  Which was very odd.  Now I have nine. Five were in the attic, two in the porch fridge (turmeric broth), and two in the cupboard.

That's it for today.  Still coughing. No workmen working today. Xfinity Watch-A Thon. I need to decide what to watch on Showtime or HBO.  Billions, Homeland, True Detective.  And hopefully a movie or two.  Deadpool for G and The Martian for us.  And perhaps Arrival.  I really liked it. Last year I watched True Detective one and it was wonderful.  And I watched the movie Birdman.  Weird.

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Annie said...

Loved your pic of the clementines,I had just finished eating one,so sweet and yummy. They were on special this week at the Hannaford. Certainly is a lovely day, just back from a walk with a friend, it was hard to come in.I expect we won't see much sun for the rest of this week,ugh! Sooo much snow in my neighborhood,it will be summer before it's gone!