Sunday, April 02, 2017

Sunday, Home With A Cough

It could be the dust from construction.  It could be "new to me" germs after weeks at home with just G and the dog--and then back to work with so many new people and new germs.  Anyway, I am coughing and feeling light in the head.  Drifty and not in a pleasant way.  Like I might just tip over and hit the floor.  No fever.  No chills.  No sore throat.  No runny nose.

But that could all change as the day goes.  I called out "sick" for today's 8 hours @ work.  I called yesterday so they could replace me.  I am replaceable......

I have had tea and toast and now have three shiny clementines to eat. There was a great deal of heavy wet snow in Friday/Sat's storm.  Everything is now white again.  No ground showing.  No Spring.

I am wondering if I should have spent money on new doors?  Or should I  just use the ones that came with the house 26 years ago.  I never liked them.  They are very hard to keep clean--all sorts of little groves and indents.  I'm not even sure they are solid wood.  And then I will need new knobs.  this changing of things is like: one thing leads to another and another and another.  Seems endless.

We looked at the old master bath tub (which is being repurposed into the hall bath tub) and discovered it was made by Kohler. Like all the bath/shower things I purchased on line. To go with the Kohler valve installed before I decided what company line I wanted.  It's things like that which irritate me.  But I would have chosen the Kohler anyway.  I liked the way it looked.

I am a visual person.  Also I like the way things feel.  I have run my fingers over the drywall finish in the hall--well, at least twice a day since it was dry.  Like it so much better than the shiny wallpaper.

The second owner of this house did a great deal of work here.  New hardwood floors in living room/dining room.  Third bathroom and fourth bedroom upstairs.  The very strange  "sewing room" on the other side of the attic.  With a wall of nice floor to ceiling built in shelving.

We have done a great deal of work here.  New roof.  New furnace.  New windows.  Now new bathrooms.  New entrance hall with a new door.

I hope we live long enough to enjoy and "use it" all.

 Well, I finished book two -not as good as Boyce's first book.   My thoughts are that the book I just finished was actually the first book.  But not "good enough" so she tried again.  That new book was great.  And then she went back and quickly tried to "fix up" the original book so they could sell it also while everyone was excited about the first (good) book.  But it's still rough and weird to read--almost like an outline at times or a list of plot ideas.  I wonder how book three will turn out.

Time to lay down and "rest my eyes".

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

Yes, you should replace the doors. "I never liked them." Enough said.

And, feel better, please.