Thursday, April 27, 2017

Finally Looking Like Spring

So I bought some eggs.  I think eggs and Spring go together.  I will be having them on toast with salt and pepper.  Just like this little whatever it is that came along with the photo from Food52.

The new inhaler is finally working.  I now take the second dose at 8 pm instead of bedtime.  Today--A long and tiring day at work--I didn't need to use the rescue inhaler--not even once.  Yesterday I used it once.  So--small steps.

But I am tired at work.  Standing for 7 hours.  On cement.  It's not for 70.5 year old bones, knees and feet.  I had a difficult time falling asleep last night. Twinges in the knees and calf muscles.  Tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable.  Woke up tired.  Friday I have the day off.  Resting up?  Nah. We have to empty the master bedroom closets.  Carry it all up into the attic (not the upstairs bedroom--the actual attic)  G has screwed hanging clothes poles up to the wall of the attic and we'll have our clothes up there.  It means climbing stairs but not overtime we need something.  The clothing in the second bedroom (where we are now) was selected in March.  We need May clothes now.

So once we have exchanged Winter for Spring in the second bedroom closet---what we wear will be there.  Everything else will be in the attic or at Goodwill.  I plan on filling G's Jeep with boxes and bags of donations.

The Farmer's Almanac says the Spring/Summer of 2017 is going to be cool and very wet here in Maine.  I am reminded of another summer like that.  50 degrees on 4th of July.  2001 or 2002 .  I remember both of my children were at home that summer and shivering and questioning why we had moved here.

I don't have a book to read.  I don't have any food I am planning to make.  I have one load of laundry I could do at the laundromat.  Bed sheets.  Towels.  Work clothes.  That's two loads.

I finally found my raincoat.  I looked everywhere.  We always say that when we are looking and then when the item is found--geez, it was right where I put it.  laughing.

I do have work to do--carry all those clothes upstairs.  Carpenters will be here at 8am.  No sleeping in.  I will ask one of them to paint swatches on the bathroom wall.  Then chose the white I want. And My prize for all that up the stairs climbing is to be a hot fudge sundae.  G promised me one.

If I have time, I will prune my Cameo quince.  Rake out the garden path.  Beds were cleaned in the evenings of last Fall (by the light of the security lights from the porch) --- but I lost interest with the last of the paths full of leaves and junk.  Then it snowed.  Now I have to finish before I can start.

That should be a sampler on my wall.  I have to finish before I can start.

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