Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter To All

Well, here in Maine the sun is shining and it may get to 76 degrees today.  Almost all the snow and ice has melted.  I have three boxes of pansies to plant into the tall planter I carried to the front porch. Hopefully the deer won't eat them all this year.

My cough is doing much better.  Yesterday, at work, teaching the afternoon gardening class, I started coughing and really needed my rescue inhaler.  Now everyone at work knows where I keep it and if I start coughing they know to run and get it and run to me with it.  My emergency plan.

G has the cough I shared with him and is having a hard time.  He is sleeping quite a bit.  His doctor gave him a prescription for his own rescue inhaler to use 4X a day.  He keeps forgetting.  this cough really takes your energy out of you.  It's NOT whooping cough, which is also in Maine right now.
And it's not the flu.  This is something quite different.

We are having a New England Boiled Dinner today.  I purchased everything days before I got sick and it's all still in the fridge, so, I have time today to watch water boil and make the dinner.  Might as well eat it.  We all like it.

I worked Wednesday and Thursday and spent most of Friday doing our taxes and our daughter's.  Hers are very quick--ours with investments and stock sales etc takes hours for me to type it all into Turbo Tax.  But they are done.  Being sick really set me back on a lot of things.  G sent them off to the post office Saturday morning.  Today is Sunday and a Holiday so I am not carrying the many loads of wash to the Laundromat.  Tomorrow.

Now, I am going to plant my pretty pansies and go sit in the sun out back.  Happy Easter.  Enjoy the sunshine!!!


Diane N said...

Happy Easter to you and all your family!

MariMo said...

Happy Easter. Hope you had a nice boiled dinner.